Where 2 find cheapest 80min CD's? (pref 100)?

  GibsonSt19 20:01 31 Dec 2003

Any ideas guys?

  mikef. 20:31 31 Dec 2003

I bought a spindle of 100 Imation CDR from Amazon recently £19.90, good quality CDR's as well click here

  chuds 20:41 31 Dec 2003

have at look at these people, very good service
click here

  GibsonSt19 01:54 01 Jan 2004

Much appreciated. I found this one in the end though, which is pretty good for inclusive of delivery!

click here

  Lead 08:46 01 Jan 2004

Here's another option for you:

click here

  Suzuki itfc 17:29 01 Jan 2004

Jessops has a spindle of a 100 for 19.99

  byfordr 20:07 01 Jan 2004

click here

Memorex 100 £20

  ajm 22:26 01 Jan 2004

PC Line 80min 100 pack spindle £13.99. BEAT THAT!!!!!

  dotterel 22:44 01 Jan 2004

I've tried PC Line CDs. Sometimes my CD writer accepts them, sometimes it doesn't - it just makes a horrendous grinding noise. It's always perfectly happy with Philips ones though.

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