When is a Warranty not a Warranty?

  techie4me 16:00 17 Oct 2007

Our speakers with our PC have stopped working.
We've tested them and checked them & still nothing.
We contacted the company we bought them & the pc from as we have a 3 year warranty, it took ages to get hold of them, even though they say they answer witin 4 rings , it seems however that the speakers are not covered by the warranty.

So the salesperson 'advised' us to upgrade the warranty from 1 year to 3 years was a waste of money then!

Now it's back to a trusty pair of Maplin White Box speakers.

To say we are peeded of is an understatement!

  Stuartli 16:39 17 Oct 2007

If your claim is genuine, then you should contact the company concerned again.

You should also have details of the warranty and who provided it - you might have to contact the company involved direct.

  bjh 17:48 17 Oct 2007

And Consumer Direct are always worth a shout, even if it is just to boost your confidence that you are in the right.
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I assume from your description that you have had the computer for more than 1 year, as the standard warranty would otherwise cover these.

The extended warranty may be specific in listing what is, and what is not covered. If it is not specific, then it should cover all that you originally purchased. However, it may well exclude peripherals, including mice, keyboards and even speakers.

Read the small print, maybe contact Consumer Direct, if you can't see the speakers being excluded, ask the Company to point you directly to the section that excludes them.

Post back your progress...

Also... HOW have you tested them? Do you already have another set, and do they work?

  SANTOS7 18:58 17 Oct 2007

They may fall into the "collective accessory" category and may not be covered by your aggreement, (you may need to look into that) however they may be covered by the manufacturer of the speakers...

  spuds 22:10 17 Oct 2007

Personally I find the speakers supplied with computers are usually basic and standard, so I use a slightly better pair that I got from PC World.

As others have stated, check the warranty, you may find that speakers are not covered, unless under the speakers manufacturers own warranty.

  techie4me 10:27 18 Oct 2007

After yet another call to the well known computer company in north london with no luck, they tell me that they are not covered even though the 3 year warranty say they are!

Will be off shortly to maplin to buy a decent pair of speakers.

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