When Is An Offer Not An Offer? TalkTalk Don't Know If You Live In Spalding!

  [DELETED] 19:33 13 Oct 2012

On Wednesday 10th October at around 2.30pm,the Postie delivers a letter from TalkTalk.I eagerly opened it 'Superfast Fibre Broadband is here' screamed across the letter in large red lettering.Good I thought,I'd been waiting for notification of this in Spalding. On the same day around an hour later at 3.30pm,I rang the number. "I'd like to upgrade to your Fibre Medium up to 38mbps and take advantage of your offer of a free set up please?" TalkTalk said "When did you get this letter?" I said about an hour ago. "Sorry,this offer was withdrawn weeks ago," said the man at TalkTalk. "So why," I asked "are you sending letters out to people in Spalding to say its a free set-up?" I spoke to his supervisor who told me the same thing. I reminded her of false advertising, sending out letters with invalid offers and general rule of iffy advertising. In the end,I have signed up for this package as its the best around and I can't be asked to change supplier.

I then made a complaint on their Facebook page as there's no contact number and they wouldn't put me through to the writer one Tristia Harrison, Executive Commercial Director, of TalkTalk. I got a response quickly! I scanned both sides of their letter and sent it to goodness knows who at TalkTalk with a full-blown complaint about iffy business ethics and dubious illegal offers.I told them I had complained to Trading Standards and my local newspaper to warn other Spaldonians of this dubious offer.

It seems its going further up the chain of command. All I get now is we're investigating this. I said you'll probably push the delete key and nothing else will be heard about this false offer.So, if you live in Spalding, and you think you'll get this 'free set-up worth £30', think again and if you do sign up, make sure you know you'll be expected to cough up £30!

Very bad business practice indeed.

  morddwyd 20:04 13 Oct 2012

You'd have been better having a moan in Consumer Advice really. You can get some real whiz kid responses there!

  Forum Editor 00:26 14 Oct 2012

Transferred from Speakers Corner to Tech Consumer Advice.

  Forum Editor 00:37 14 Oct 2012

The real point here is that the offer was withdrawn before you received the publicity material. That in itself doesn't constitute false advertising. The letter amounts to what is called an invitation to treat. In layman's language that means you were being invited to enter into a contract with the company. If you offer to enter into a contract - which you did when you called TalkTalk - the company is not bound to accept. No contract exists until you receive a written confirmation from the supplier.

Did the letter contain a qualifying statement - something that entitled the company to withdraw the offer at any time, or that the offer would expire on a specified date?

I can understand your irritation at TalkTalks apparent unwillingness to discuss the matter further, but in reality there's little you can do about it. The letter was sent to you (and presumably others) in error. Sometimes it's best to walk away and get on with your life.

  sunnystaines 08:57 14 Oct 2012

used to get similar letters a few years ago from an isp called blue yonder letters arrived quiet often over a 2 year period every time i called got a reply not in your area yet. i think they have since gone bust.

  [DELETED] 09:42 14 Oct 2012

Mr.Forum Editor.

Their letter is quite specific about a free set-up and that I can add a Fibre Medium package of 38mb for £10 a month to my existing package,plus,if I upgrade today (10th October),one of their expert engineers will set-up my fibre broadband free of charge. On that basis,TalkTalk are making an offer - some of which it'll honour some of which it won't.On that basis,they have lied about some bits of it.The 'small print' says 'offer can be withdrawn anytime' but within 60 minutes of such an offer arriving on my doorstep? No,sorry,don't accept that argument at all.Their people are earning huge amounts of money every day,and for them to knowingly send out letters with false offers is unacceptable.Mistakes like this only show to me nothing is checked and smacks of a sloppy staff culture something in my day would be sackable,but which carries a signatory of an Executive in TalkTalk. I make a stand only on principle for me,and others like me,who are enticed into this non-existent offer. If I succeed then fine,I win. If I don't succeed then fine,I lose. I have signed up anyway. Please at least wish me well in my cause to either get them to honour or dishonour this offer for me and many others in Spalding because for no other reason is that I've made a stance!

Thank you.

  Forum Editor 10:55 14 Oct 2012

I think you're missing the point here.

You've suffered no loss here, so there's nothing to claim. TalkTalk says it withdrew the offer, and the letter clearly states that it can be withdrawn at any time.

You say "No,sorry,don't accept that argument at all.",but there's no argument to accept.

You're angry because a company has withdrawn an offer before you got a chance to take advantage of it, and I can sympathise with that, but please understand that no law has been broken. You mustn't make allegations that the company "knowingly" sent out letters with a false offer; what possible reason would it have for doing such as thing? Think about it for a moment and you'll realise it could gain nothing by doing so.

By all means make an attempt to persuade TalkTalk to let you have the deal, and good luck with that, but please don't proceed on the basis that there has been a contravention of consumer legislation, because from what you've said so far it's obvious that isn't the case.

  [DELETED] 11:20 19 Oct 2012

Victory for THIS little guy!

After complaining further to Lincolnshire Trading Standards and my local newspaper Spalding Guardian, TalkTalk have rang me a few minutes ago and decided to honour their letter to me offering a free £30 set-up!

I'm really quite a happy customer now and am glad I stuck to my guns about this issue! Thank you Lincolnshire Trading Standards and Spalding Guardian for all your support.

  Forum Editor 12:08 19 Oct 2012

Congratulations on your achievement. A nice goodwill gesture by TalkTalk, and an illustration of the power of publicity.

Thanks for the update, and don't forget to add the green tick to your thread.

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