when can I get a 9800 pro?

  acemark 11:56 10 May 2003

Hi folks, just wondered if any of you know when the new 9800 pro series graphics card is going to be available in the uk? Or which company is likely to be getting it in stock first? I see the Yanks have got it in their shops already (&*%^&(&^(&^%^$^ damn yanks*(&*^%$$%£%%&)!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:11 10 May 2003

Why not order it from the States if you are desperate?


  3Toed 12:19 10 May 2003
  acemark 12:32 10 May 2003

GANDALF, i have ordered from from America before, which is fine, except it's a looooooong way to go if there's a problem with the hardware (or more realistically, a potential nightmare over the phone/post etc etc) but you make a valid suggestion ;-)
3toed, I've been there before and, if you have a look at the bottom, it's PRE ORDER. I guess I may have to go down that road but I would really like to know when the card is going to be available here in the uk? Just wondered ;-)

  powerless 12:42 10 May 2003

£364.19 :-( Ouchies.

  sjr1 13:05 10 May 2003

click here

Are u after a Hercules card or sapphire

Sapphire here

click here

And I wouldbe very unwiiling to spend £300 for a US card....long way foer return or tech sup

  acemark 13:18 10 May 2003

Ideally I'd go for a Hercules (I have a 8500le in another pc, and it's been fine) but I'll have a look at the Sapphire web site and see what their version is all about. £360 odd pounds IS a lot of dosh for a card, I admit, but then it's purportedly a LOT of card ;-) and fifty quid of that is VAT!! just have to wait a bit longer I suppose :-( or move to America, lol (one of these days we Brits'l get something over here before them, maybe.

  powerless 13:49 10 May 2003

Sapphire have a 256MB card WHOA.

  acemark 22:34 10 May 2003

Is it available yet? must go see ;-0

  powerless 22:39 10 May 2003

click here

"256MB or 128MB DDR memory accelerates the latest 3D games"

Where to buy: I do not know.

  acemark 23:03 10 May 2003

Can't find a 256mb card anywhere, some 128mb ones about though, but not Hercules version. What's the difference between Sapphire, Hercules and ATI? they all appear to be the same except the prices seem to vary. Some shops have the ATI and Sapphire cards in stock.

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