whats wrong with bulldog

  howard60 19:46 20 Jul 2005

I recently upgraded from 512kB to 1MB [it is 50p per month cheaper] broadband works ok but suddenly I am being charged for the very high speed 8MB service which I do not have. I also now have 2 customer reference numbers. e-mail replies take about a week and they do not answer their phones. I am sure it will be put right eventually but annoying all the same. Luckely I have their confirmation of the cheaper service.

  Jackcoms 20:15 20 Jul 2005

Are you paying by Direct Debit?

If so, simply cancel the one (with your bank) for the service which you don't want/use.

  howard60 22:01 20 Jul 2005

no that is the last thing to do I do not want to be cut off. It is just frustrating that you cannot get them to answer the phone. They are paying for the call on an 0800 but they say sorry for the delay twice a minute.

  spuds 22:42 20 Jul 2005

Would appear as though Bulldog is not having a very good time.ASA and Ofcom have received many complaints about advertisememts and services. Here is one article click here from todays media.

  sunny staines 16:25 21 Jul 2005

I have had bulldog for a few months now, at first the internet was very fast and still is, and there was no problems re calls to cutomer service.

But recently the billing has gone all out of sync, the phone keeps get cut off and it is impossible to speak with people at bulldog, if you email you get a n automated ref number then and that is it.

I'm getting frustrated with them, its only the excellent speeds on the internet that keep me hanging on but my grip is starting to feel the strain.

  Kate B 16:46 21 Jul 2005

I was all set to switch to Bulldog and then they let me down. On reflection, I'm glad I stayed with Pipex.

  ajm 10:08 22 Jul 2005

I have been with Bulldog for 2 years now on their 2MB service. I have had not problems at all with the speeds and billing services, yet

A couple of months ago, I decided to upgrade to their offer of 8MB. However, I had to cancel that as emails confirming the order were wrong and they were giving me the lower service, which I did not want. Cancelling the order and preventing Bulldog from taking over my BT line involved writing a letter to their CEO and following it by emails to him and the customer care manager. The switch was prevented at the 11th Hour. Am back to the 2mb service,but paying £29.99 a month

Bulldog promises OFCOM to improvet their customer services as a lot of people complained. More infor here click here

A couple of colleagues at work have signed up to the 8MB service and they have had not problems, however they cant get the full 8MB, only up to 4-6MB.

Hopefully when 24MB is available from click here, i'll decide to move or not.

  jack 14:56 22 Jul 2005

When trying to decide which service to employ in this day and age - be itan ISP or Telecoms/Gas/E/ectricity

Bear in mind that for every basic serve creator
there many 'Providors' A providor buy the service from the creator 'cash up front' for the privilige of sending out bills to their customers. Think of all the ISP's out there Tersco,Virgin,WHSmith
the list is endless all they are doing is retailing
a service that somenone else provides.
Thus it is I suspect with Bulldog. Pick a provider that has its own system[ Server]

  sunny staines 18:40 22 Jul 2005

I am hoping to sit out bulldog. I think they expanded too quickly and had to employ poor quality staff that made their service worse causing grid lock. I hope once these extra call centres are sorted and they employ or train better staff things will settle down. I also susp bt are not helping as they could on the phone side of things as everytime my phone line goes down I am reliant on bt fixing it.

  jack 20:07 22 Jul 2005

You say -every times your lines goes down you rely on BT fixing it - of course- they own the network
except in E.Yorkshire that last i heard.
Has anyone seen a 'Bulldog van' with a man in a hole or up the pole?
See my above re creators and providors
Bulldog is a providor - they generate invoices - thats is all they do.

  howard60 18:03 29 Jul 2005

finally someone answered the phone after 1.5 hours yesterday. They agreed that the system had put me down as having a different package to what they were able to supply. They have promised to refund any money taken that they should not have. I will post back if it does not happen.

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