Whats other people's experiences of oneandone

  erkmatrix 10:49 07 Aug 2003

one and one must say havn't had much luck with their customer service. they say it takes 24 hours to get back to you more like 48 hours, been with them a week after ordering a webdesigncreator business hosting package and wanted to know if I could add html code or somehow a payment button to take payment from my customers, They send back emails in one sentence and you never get a proper answer so you email again wait another 48 hours and again a one lined answer not helping you at all. tryed phoning just got music so gave up after 10 mins. Yeah looks a good site and the things they offer seem great but not the best on customer service. I'm still waiting to hear back again.

Does anyone here know if its possible to add a Paypal button a websitecreator business package. All I want from them is a answer yes or no, I sent the same question to different oneandone support address and had different answers. One saying no I would need a developer eshop package costing loads. and the other one said something word for word "

you can use the paypay link when using the wsc tool and not insert any html code."

Didin't explain what a paypay link was how I integrate it or anything.


  rickf 12:38 07 Aug 2003

V.good. They have been hosting my site for over a yr. and I have had no problems with them. They have been around for a long time and a big co. so you can feel assured that they are not going to just disappear like my first one.

  spuds 18:47 07 Aug 2003

Never had any problems with 1&1.I have recommended them to many people, who have never mentioned having any problems with them.When I have contacted them, they always seem to be efficient in their response.With the volume of business this companies turns-over in a day, then there are bound to be some delays in the service that they offer.

  erkmatrix 22:30 07 Aug 2003

Hi I finally got a decent answer and all is forgiven and luckily I can add payment buttons so I'm pretty happy now. oh yeah can't fault the prices and the range of services they offer.


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