Whats the law, !Bargain!

  caast©? 22:42 06 Sep 2004

I found a bargain on the net, must be mistake, but proceeded to checkout, and paid the cash.

Can anyone tell me if the company has to Honour our agreement, i.e. my purchase, or can it say it is a mistake.

The item is a monitor and if I bought a shuttle system and add the monitor, the price is the same 17" tft £10.90

  spuds 23:01 06 Sep 2004

If they have acknowledged your purchase via a confirmed 'priced' email document stating £10.90, then the contract as been made, and the goods have legally been sold to you.

Keep any printouts of the offer.

  Simon_P 23:08 06 Sep 2004

Not sure but in a shop if something is priced wrong and they notice they can “I think” decline to sell the item.

I believe also that once you have paid and left the shop then its just their bad luck. Don’t know if this is law. And the distance selling law may be different.

I was sent the wrong HDD by a major online seller (a bigger and more expensive one)by mistake but as I am honest I e-mailed them and they told me to keep it! I guess they will cut there losses to a certain degree, But if it is a BIG mistake I’m not sure if they would be so forgiving.

I bought a item for several hundred pounds from a high street retailer and they forgot to swipe my card, and I didn’t realise, they phoned me up the next day and I paid it, however that was because they know me, if they didn’t they wouldn’t know how to contact me! They were very pleased to get their money and my next purchase was sold to me at cost as a thank you.

I’m not sure where you stand, someone may know the law on that one.

  caast©? 23:11 06 Sep 2004

however states no money has been debited from my account until order is fulfilled.

I opted for next day delivery so I am hoping it arrives before they realize

  sidecar sid 23:47 06 Sep 2004

I could be wrong but i beleive that untill payment has been taken there is no binding contract.Keep us informed.

  wee eddie 23:56 06 Sep 2004

Are you buying the shuttle system as well?

  caast©? 00:05 07 Sep 2004

No. I spotted the monitor bargain, ordered next day delivery, paid and then browsed the site for more bargains. The shuttle system was bare bones but you had the option to add components and it re-calculated the total price. When I added the monitor I purchased it only increased the price of the Shuttle system by the £10.90 which is the price of the AOC LM727

  TomJerry 00:39 07 Sep 2004

I must get that.

  caast©? 01:04 07 Sep 2004

Sure I will post a link, once I know the transaction is safe, would not wish to get everyone's hopes up, if it goes t**ts up. Also dont wish to jepordise my purchase if the site gets un-indated with hits.

However be assured if everything goes smoothly I will let you all know. M

  Forum Editor 02:01 07 Sep 2004

usually end up with just that........nothing. I fail to see how any business can survive by selling TFT screens for £10.90 and your obvious excitement at the thought of catching this company out isn't a delight to behold. If the pricing error is indeed that - an error -the company can refuse to supply the goods once they spot it.
Even if they've confirmed the price in writing they can refuse to supply if there's been an error, and you would have to take them to court to battle it out. A court may well rule in your favour, but if a judge decided (as has been the case in the past) that the price quoted was so low as to be obviously an error to anyone with commonsense you may lose.

  Baledor 11:13 07 Sep 2004

Although his/her text does not consitute the definition, the statute does allow a company to withdraw a sale and cancel orders if an item is incorrectly priced.

There is often an ill-conceived opinion that there is 'an obligation' to sell at that incorrect price and not to do so would break the law, this is not true and widly misleading.

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