What's a good USB ADSL Modem to buy?

  Dioxynucleic 18:36 21 Feb 2004

Anybody care to recommend a pukka USB ADSL modem to buy? Price between £50 and £80. Am currently looking at the Zoom USB ADSL Modem 5510A.

  spuds 18:40 21 Feb 2004

Check Ebuyer out for competative prices and possible reviews. click here I use a Thomson,and it work very well.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:11 21 Feb 2004

PCWorld have a selection from £29.99 I wouldn't pay more than £40 for an ADSL modem as I am led to believe that they all have the smae basic innards. click here have them from £17.49


  Dipso 23:04 21 Feb 2004

I recommend the Thomson Speedtouch 330. Dead easy to install and as it's very popular there's loads of support available click here £43.46 inc VAT and delivery

  M4D 04:19 22 Feb 2004

Personaly, i use an Alcatel Speed Touch Pc !

It's not usb but a nice modem and would recomend it to anyone for gaming/browsing/downloading .

Usb = Bt voyager is the only usb one i've used
but thats not a bad one too, And cheap also.

I use an internal Zoom ADSL modem, and have had no trouble at all with it.

  Cybermaxx 15:30 22 Feb 2004

Re. the Thomson (formerly Alcatel) Speedtouch 330. That's the same modem that Pipex provide when you order their ADSL service. They charge seventeen quid for the modem and two micro filters.

  spuds 16:21 22 Feb 2004

The Speedtouch 330 with two micro filters is supplied free with the Tiscali ADSL £15.99 package.

  ensonricky 19:03 22 Feb 2004

Are you set on a USB Modem? click here for a better bet purchase a network card if you havn't got one for £10 and you have a better and more adaptable set up and all well under your budget.

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