What's with eclipse-computers?

  rickf 16:34 14 Mar 2003

I was very interested in a mod case advertised on their website. Sent email to see if its in stock and confirm specs. No reply for 2 days. How do this people survive in business? They have just lost a sale. Perhaps they are not worried at all because there are too many people out there who would just take the plunge w/o a care about service only to complain afterwards.

  JoeC 16:57 14 Mar 2003

into the Search box and select " all discussion " and you will get an impression of Eclipse. : }

  RomQ 16:57 14 Mar 2003

They don't seem to be terribly popular so far: click here

As you said, many people don't research a firm to find out about their service before buying.

  rickf 21:55 14 Mar 2003

Thanks fellas. I kinda knew but thought I would give them a try and see for myself. It seems that they are living up to their reputation. Companies like this deserves to go bust yet it seems Darwin's law does not seem to apply. What is the mystery?

  spuds 15:13 15 Mar 2003

I cannot understand this company. I have dealt with them in the past with very favourable results and good savings.Other people have been less unfortunate.Let's hope that things improve, but by all accounts with other consumer reports, things definately look in decline with Eclipse.Shame really.

  robbins2074 23:19 18 Mar 2003

Well I tried to order a new hard drive last summer from them. After a week they told me they were out of stock. I replied asking for my money back. Took them nearly 3 months and they pocketed the money for postage.

Will never use them again.


  eskimo 08:19 19 Mar 2003

Never had any problems with eclipse (i might just be the lucky one)

  rickf 20:47 20 Mar 2003

In case people are interested in an update. I have just got an email from them re the info I sought. Today's the 20th. thats almost a wk. I have already bought the same case somewhere else and its been delivered.

  Ghetto SupaSTAR 22:40 20 Mar 2003

As far as I know...all the people who have decided to put money into ordering COMPONENTS from Eclipse didn't get the parts because they were "out of stock".. and those of my friends who ordered computer systems with even the same components got their computers fairly quick.

I think dabs and simply computers are better than eclipse. I would rather pay extra for decent service.

  watty123 23:05 20 Mar 2003

I'm in the process of wading through different P C suppliers/
Maybe I am being too wary or careful but have narrowed it down to 3/4 suppliers.
Any of you knowledgable guys have any experience/thoughts on.
1. Campus.
2. Mesh.
3. Dell.
4. Time.??
Sory this is long but your advise would be appreciated.

  rickf 16:35 21 Mar 2003

You would be better off starting a new tread so that people can give you their views. This tread concerns eclipse-computers only.

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