Whats the best vga card fro £150 or less

  red dragon 19:49 14 Nov 2003

I have been looking on various sites to replace me Geforce3 vga card, but Iam completly confused as to which on to get. I almost bought a 5600ultra, but after reading a review on pc format Im not sure its a good idea.Then I looked at the 9600pro but its slower than the 9500pro(extinct). The 5900 are over £200 but are only 128mb when the 5600 is 256mb.
I am looking for a DX9 compatable 8xAGP card for £150 or less
Can anybody steer me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance

  A_World_Maker 22:00 14 Nov 2003

I use a Radeon 9700pro click here for information

  DAG88 23:37 14 Nov 2003

The Radeon 9600 Pro I think would be your best option for under £150. I am thinking of getting this 1 click here for Christmas

  Stuartli 08:44 15 Nov 2003

BigPockets (click here) sent an e-mail out yesterday about its new offers.

On checking the website I discovered that it also has special offers on a host of ATI graphics cards - well worth a look.

It's also a first class firm to deal with as I found on several occasions.

  simonp1 08:50 17 Nov 2003

red dragon

I have a 9600 pro, and i play a lot of online games and it servers me fine, plus it is very good for overclocking.

Unless you play a lot of games then this card will be fine and it is DX9 compatable, but i wouldnt go for the 5600 myself...just to slow.

I have now found you can buy a 9700 pro from dabs at £210 and 9800pro for £220 from big pockets.

My best advice is to save that little extra and get one of these cards. The performance increase is massive and very much worth the extra, i will be getting one of these myself.

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