Whats the best TFT for value and spec?

  User-520CAA20-BC41-4EAF-91DABBFA58CE03DB 17:30 28 May 2003

Id like a TFT for 3d games, Photoshop use and some video editing whats the best for this
At the moment i use a 19inch Vivitron badged gateway 200 machine and its fantastic.

I just want a new monitor for the space ive got.

anty help would be appreciated

  accord 18:09 28 May 2003

click here and compare products.

  Lead 18:35 28 May 2003

Do you just want a Flat CRT or are you wanting an LCD monitor?

well Lead
i'd like a TFT 18inch at a good price

thanks accord

ive cheecked here but i want to no what others have used or are using

the dell screens at work are very muddy

  BrianW 19:49 28 May 2003

As a base case - I have been using a Philips 170B2m for the last 6 months or so - it cost me £499 and is now down to £349. On paper it shouldn't be good for games or DVD (switch rate is
40 ms) but in fact it works excedingly well.

I'm not suggesting this is the best to go for - as I say, treat it as a base case. There are many faster and I am sure, better TFTs out there now. I like the look of the new Hercules but haven't seen many of the latest models.

I really think your best bet is to haunt PCW and other places with access to operating TFTs. Take a DVD with you or some other way of testing them out (a good salemen will always be willing to give you a demo if he / she smells a sale)

Best of browsing + luck

  accord 20:09 28 May 2003

i think that it depends on what graphics card you have running the TFT. No point running a £500 TFT via an 8mb card !!!

for ref: im using an iiyama 15" TFT (no dead pixels by the way) and its fine for my needs, although i dont watch DVDs on it, id rather watch those on me widescreen tv.

  BeesFan 22:36 28 May 2003

I have just purchased two dell 1900FPs via a particular dealer on E-bay (vendor name EricBunny)

I was extremely wary as it was my first purchase on there, but the guy has 200+ positive responses and the service I got was absolutely first rate

Price was £475 each inclusive of 3 year dell warranty. No dead pixels on either unit.

These monitors look identical to the Samsung 191FTs that Evesham are shipping with all their latest systems.

Ive been playing Deus Ex and UT2003 and they are excellent

  Aspman 12:59 29 May 2003

Probably too small for you but we have 3 Samsung 152T slimline TFT. Very good spec foo the price £210 on offer at simply. We tried one of the AOC 17" for ~£260 but it just wasn't as nice even though it was larger.

  scooby03 15:56 30 May 2003

I got a Samsung S181T in January and aprt from 1 dead pixel the image and quality have been excellent. Good for gaming and can probably be snapped up for cheaper then the £550 I Paid.

  bpatient 17:01 30 May 2003

Don't want to highjack - as I am in the market for a snazzy TFT too - but has anyone considered an integrated TFT with TV tuner - I saw an 18inch LG or BenQ I think in John Lewis last week for about £550....

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