What's the best graphics card

  AJ25 17:08 06 Oct 2006

I think I should upgrade my card from a 128 to a 256.

Is there a consensus on what is the best card out there?

  Bailey08787 17:22 06 Oct 2006

its a question akin to what is the 'meaning of life'

it depends on your:
* gaming requirements
* your budget
* your motherboard
* the rest of your system

(and whatever someone suggests, they'll be a better one along in 3-4 weeks)

  AJ25 17:30 06 Oct 2006

I have mesh pc with a AMD3500 cpu. 1024 of ram. NOt sure about M'board.......ASUS model but will check. Budget is not so important. Gaming requirements...CIV4 is the one in right now. Mostly they recommend a 128MB card but I am having some troubles with some games crashing so wonder if this will help. I know it's not the be all and end all and doesn't guarantee the fix but maybe it helps and it gets ready for the next gen of games?

Thoughts are welcome

  Totally-braindead 18:22 06 Oct 2006

You don't mention what card you have now so its differcult to advise something better than what you have.
I agree with what Bailey08787 has said. At the end of the day the deciding factor is cost and whether you have AGP or PCI Express.
I have a 7600GS with 256mb ram and it plays everything I've thrown at it at 1024 x 768 but its a middle range card. I have the same cpu as you and the same amount of memory and I am very happy with it. Heres the one I have click here if you want something a bit better click here something mega and its only worth it if your monitor will play at the highest resolution click here These are all PCI express cards, if you have AGP then perhaps this click here or a better one click here
Notice I've only listed Nvidia ones as I know very little about ATI.

  AJ25 11:40 07 Oct 2006

I have a Radeon 9800 Pro at the moment.

How do I tell if I have AGP or PCI Express.

  Rayuk 12:26 07 Oct 2006

If you have an 9800Pro it will be an AGP graphics slot

  Totally-braindead 12:36 07 Oct 2006

Now all you have to decide is how much you wish to spend, the lowest card I gave a link to the 7600GS is still a significant improvement on a 9800Pro as things have moved on quite a bit.
Have a read of this click here and perhaps this to give you an idea of where the 9800 pro fits in click here . If you look at the 9800 pro and compare the same benchmark with one of the newer cards you will see what the difference is.

  freaky 18:33 07 Oct 2006

Sounds as though you have the same Mesh configuration as on my Mesh.

I configured what I wanted and specified a 128mb DDR FX-5500 + TV Out & DVI Graphic Card.

I subsequently found it could not cope in High Graphic mode with certain games. Earlier this year I replaced it with a GeForce 6600GT with 256MB of DDR3 Ram which I bought from Novatech for £116.90 inc VAT & Del. Excellent card, performs very well.

click here

Got this from the 2nd link supplied by Totally-braindead.

  willthemop 12:38 26 Oct 2006

Late reply by me...

To my knowledge the best graphics cards are the new ATi radeon models quite expensive though...

I dont know how to put links in but heres the site

click here

  keef66 15:11 26 Oct 2006

have a look at this refreshingly concise article from THG back in September. Gives you the best value card for a range of price points for both PCI-express and AGP flavours. I know the prices are in dollars, but you'll get the idea.

click here

  mGarym 11:34 05 Nov 2006

can x8 agp cards be used to replace x4 agp cards

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