What's the best DELL for under £500?

  chrisbenwalker 21:23 03 Apr 2008

Hi all, I posted a previos thread a few days ago in the hope I would get some good advice about the best desktop to go for, for under £500.

As always, some great advice by people taking the time to share their knowledge....

I have looked at the options, and Dell appears to be becoming more and more tempting by the day.

My question is, after looking at the website, there are SO MANY different option that I could go for....

In short....I am looking for anyones opinion of the BEST TO OFFER from Dell for my needs:

Minimum 2gig memory (possibly 3 gig)
500 GB HD
Graphics card not too important although want to be able to watch decent quality video and will be doing DVD converting to Avi formats but don't want the computer crawling whilst doing so....
All the usual surfing etc....
Software not too important as have most of what I need.

Also, have heard mixed reviews about PSU's not being powerful enough?? Does this apply with Dells?

Finally, like my laptop, do Dells have a recovery partition on the HD or is it simply a case of them supplying the Windows disk?

I have a custom built PC which whenever I have had to reinstall (I now have and Acronis clean back up so not a problem anymore) I have had to reinstall ALL the necessary drivers again.

Any thoughts, comments, tips much appreciated.


  lisa02 21:34 03 Apr 2008

"do Dells have a recovery partition on the HD or is it simply a case of them supplying the Windows disk?"

In my case of an XPS and an Inpspiron I got both. An OS disk and a recovery partition.

Dells PSU's are under-rated, they rate them on sustained output rather than peak.


click here

Take the £429 option opt for the X2 6000 dual core and add an extra DVDRW drive taking your total to £499.

In summary:

20 inch flat panel monitor
Athlon X2 Dual Core 6000
2 GB RAM (Dual Channel)
2 DVDRW Drives
128MB HD 2400 Pro graphics card
Keyboard & Mouse
Built in Card Reader
Onboard 7.1 Sound
MS Works 9
Vista Home Premium

  [email protected] 21:37 03 Apr 2008

Firstly, video encoding is CPU intensive so that's where you need to spend money if you plan on doing a lot of that.

Dell PSUs are rated differently to most manufacturers as they rate the sustainable output rather than peak output. For example, a 300W Dell PSU may be equivalent to a 500W regular PSU (figures just taken from the top of my head). Whichever system you configure, Dell will include a suitable PSU so don't worry about that

Dell computers are shipped with a copy of the OS on a DVD. I don't think they bother at all with a recovery partition.

  [email protected] 21:46 03 Apr 2008

I would personally go for the £479 system on this page click here and upgrade the hdd to a 500GB one for £10 more. The Core 2 Duo E8200 is a much better processor than the Athlon X2 6000 click here

  [email protected] 21:46 03 Apr 2008

Also if you go through Quidco I think you can get around 5% of your money back click here

  GaT7 22:33 03 Apr 2008

Dell Inspiron 530 with an Intel quad-core click here = £469 (or £359 without the monitor).

Above also posted in this thread
click here. G

  GaT7 22:42 03 Apr 2008

[email protected] is right about the PSUs - they are underrated. If the quad-core Inpiron 530 I linked to comes with their 350w PSU, you could even run a 8800GT 512Mb graphics card. G

  chrisbenwalker 22:46 03 Apr 2008

thanks for the advice both.....I like the thought of the intel processor, and the advice appreciated as although I know the basics about what I'm looking at, I'm afraid I'm no expert which is why I'm here!!

I forgot to mention that I already have a flat panel monitor and dont really need the one from Dell, which brought the price down to just over £350!!

Looks like I have my answer and I'm much happier that I know what I'm looking at going for.

  chrisbenwalker 22:50 03 Apr 2008

Thanks also crossbow.

I now have a further question! What would you recommend, the intel quad core processor, or the intel core duo e8200?

  GaT7 23:16 03 Apr 2008

The quad PC for sure, & it's £10 cheaper too (like for like). Don't miss this as it's unlikely to last long.

You can compare the two CPUs here click here.

As I said in the other thread, go for some more RAM. This from Crucial is guaranteed to work for £28 click here. Plus 7% Quidco cashback on this too click here.

The PC + RAM upgrade + INcluding all cashback will come to ~£370. You can save the £130, or get yourself a TV Tuner, etc - but again NOT from Dell! G

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