Whats all this about S-ATA then?

  Murray 23:26 22 Sep 2003

I keep seeing on specs for new Hard disks some of them are 'Serial ATA' From what I understand, that's a new and improved way of connecting a hard disk to the MB, is it any good?

I suppose in a few years all disks will be this format.

(I know its not technically a quesiton, just wanted peoples opinions)

  powerless 23:35 22 Sep 2003

SATA - smaller connector...Faster transfers.

Depends what you do with your computer as to weather you will notice a difference of having one.

  Stuartli 01:22 23 Sep 2003

Don't worry about it - yet.

It will be some time before it is fully implemented and won't make all that much difference in any case, although it's worthwhile having if you are updating your system.

  Wilham 09:35 23 Sep 2003

I wish I'd got sata. I was so intent on getting 8MB cache on my WD 80's I missed out.
Small flexible cable(s) with fewer lines/pins, so smaller plugs, faster (i50 against 133 max), alresdy as option on new mobos, compatible with the old parallel IDE (except sata runs on half a volt pk to pk instead of the previous 5 volts.)
With all this going for it I see it as the new standard.

  The Sack 10:36 23 Sep 2003

I have 2 IDE drives on SATA (using converters) in a RAID 0 set up just to free the IDE channels up. I get 90MBs reads and writes (using ATTO) but that has everything to do with RAID 0 and nothing to do with SATA.

Biggest problem with SATA is you can only have one device per connector so although the cables and connectors are smaller you need twice as many of them.

  Wilham 11:07 23 Sep 2003

Sounds interesting. What's the coverter?

  Wilham 11:11 23 Sep 2003

Sorry, what do the converters do?

  Murray 18:10 23 Sep 2003

As I understand it, you can plug an IDE device (the one with 40 pins) into a new SATA socket

  Wilham 08:39 24 Sep 2003

I agree, it does sdound like plugging a 40 pin IDE device into a new SATA socket. But this socket only has 7 pins.

  Wilham 09:21 24 Sep 2003

Trouble is, I'm curious but so rusty. Small technicalities make my mind boggle. For instance,in this thread The Sack has 90MB/s on each ATA lead so is he in effect getting 180 MB/s transfer on his raid0 because the stripes are alternate sections of one data stream?

  Chegs ® 09:43 24 Sep 2003

I have two SATA hdd's(removed IDE channels in BIOS)and I installed XP Home onto the SATA hdd.The SATA drivers supplied aren't WHQL certified(the Update site offers a newer one that is WHQL)These drivers are very unstable,rebooting often produces "xyz is missing/corrupted" requiring the use of Recovery console/Repair of XP.After weeks of reinstalling XP every day(sometimes three/four times a day)yesterday I reinstalled an IDE hdd just to get some kind of stability.Once I find somewhere to store 60+Gb's of video/data,I will be trying them in a RAID setup,see if it can cope with a reboot and not "lose" data.

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