Whatever Happens agreement plan headache!

  nickyandtony1 17:49 11 Feb 2013

Dear PC Advisor Please help me - here is a copy of my email to Dixons CEO. But as yet no response and I don't know what to do.

"I am emailing you as I completely despair at your KnowHow repair service that you provide through your Whatever Happens agreement, and I honestly don't know what to do now!!

I own an Advent laptop that I have looked after carefully, and hence why I signed up to the Whatever Happens agreement. I was given the laptop by my Mother who lives and runs 2 orphanages in Africa for AIDs orphans so that I can support her voluntarily, with her dedicated work. But I pay for the KnowHow repair service to ensure that I am always able to help her from the UK, and I pay this regularly on a monthly direct debit as we couldn't afford a new one and this would cover any repairs needed.

My first repair was done at the beginning of 2012 - which was a success, even if the someone else's laptop was returned to my neighbour (I had no idea of a delivery date!), and then had to wait in the following day, for that one to be collected and my one to be returned...

Then this episode started at the beginning of November 2012. My CD drive was playing up and the Hard Drive had failed. It was due back on the 20/11/12. No call from KnowHow, but I phoned to find out that the In-store team where not happy with the repair, so it was sent off again!!! Due back the 30/11/12.

I collected it on the 1/12/12, but had to return it to the store again on 4/12/12 as the drive would not open again, and it was possibly a hard drive fault still.... Due back 15/12/12. I phoned on the 15/12/12, to be told would now be just before Christmas - I expressed my concern as need it desperatley to support my Mother's work. Gentleman on the phone bought delivery date to store forward to 18/12/12 when I explain why I needed my laptop so much especially over Christmas. I collected it on the 18/12/12.

Then on 28/12/12, it was still not working properly, but atleast I had had some internet contact with relatives in Africa over Christmas. It was sent off again!!!! Due back on the 8/1/13. I collected it on the 10/1/13. Hoorah, all fixed, well not really... The laptop squeaks and creeks when resting hand on it, and the upper right keys rattle and are noisy when using them. But I can tolerate these minor issues. My Mother is over on a fundraising trip for a few weeks, and again the DVD drive is still playing up. On phoning KnowHow, I was told it must be a faulty batch of blank DVDs as it was an intermittent problem. So we bought some more DVDs (money we can ill-afford, esp when we already have a large pile of blank DVDs). On trying to write the DVDs, we found that on ejecting, the ENTIRE drive falls out. Also when trying to use the Memory Card slot, this is also very tempermental. But she has presentations etc, that we have had to make for her fundraising work. You will be able to see through my records held by KnowHow more precise details, and the number of staff that I have spoken to on the telephone, all very pleasant, but my laptop is still unreliable and faulty.

She wants to try and get me a new laptop, but this really grieves me as I have always paid my Whatever Hapens money and feel that the agreement has really let me down. I don't know what else to do and would really like your input into my options as it is your company and I seem to have exhausted the options open to me - to get my much-needed laptop, up and running smoothly and reliably.

On a positive note - I would like you to know that I absolutely commend your KnowHow staff down at my local PCWorld store (Bexhill branch) - Jeff, Mark and Diane. Who have tried so hard and been so understanding in trying to rectify my problems and have completely understood my frustrations, and how important my laptop is for me in the voluntary work I do for these orphanages. But my patience has come to an end, and I don't know what to do???

Please help me Mr James!

I have attached a link for my Mother's website - www.freewebs.com/semonkongchildrenscentre/ that I maintain on her behalf and I have attached her latest newsletter for your information at how important her work is.

My Mother has gone for a 2 week fundraising trip to the Algarve now where her home church is, and I would really like to have this sorted before she returns or she will be trying to get the pennies together to buy me a new one, and yet she has other priorities such as nearly 200 children to look after."

  spuds 18:42 11 Feb 2013

Isn't there a clause in the KnowHow contract about supplying a replacement. If so, the PC World staff you had dealings with, should have given advice about this?.

Katie Bickerstaffe was the person responsible for KnowHow, and at one stage she was very interested in dealing with customers complaint and problems regarding KnowHow. I believe she is now the Chief Executive for Dixon Retail UK and Ireland.

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