What you tell them?

  jack 12:16 23 Aug 2005

Filling in a sales questionaire for a digital projector, one is faced with 'What sort of user are you?' question.
Simple really - personal.

But a likely use is possibly 'Educational'
becuase of lecturing to an audience.

Conversly it is possible that an organization I am a member of may agree to purchase one on my advice for organization use, where as such I or another member would be appointed 'custodian'.

Question is- Is this likely to affect the price?
If I purchased it and used it for lecturing as I do now with a conventional slide projector- would I pay a higher price than say an educational organziation -who would then have to appoint a custodian.

  dave_and_confused 13:03 23 Aug 2005

You'd have to ask them.

Chances are they are just asking to see who uses the projector for what. That can be used to target areas that don't use the projector or customise future feature towards markets that do. If a specific projector hasn't been discussed then maybe your usage will dictate the model they offer depending on likely average usage etc.

Organisations sometimes get discounts for equipment as an incentive to buy more or repeat business.

  Stuartli 14:52 23 Aug 2005

Many individuals who are union members; work for the police, fire or ambulance services; in the teaching profession or who are members of professional bodies are often offered special prices for purchases at selected outlets because of their status.

The union or other body involved will almost certainly provide such details on request as soon as possible - perhaps a visit to the appropriate website will prove beneficial?

Even Microsoft makes such offers for its software to buyers such as students.

  wjrt 17:50 23 Aug 2005

like most things if an item is for personal use then warranty will be normal but if for professional/company or other organisations then warranty details will be different

  jack 19:32 23 Aug 2005

Thank you all - 'just awonderin'

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