what website to use to buy real books

  Jameslayer 14:05 22 Nov 2014

Hi, it's a very simple question really(if you know the answear). I really enjoy reading books and I ever buy my books at waterstones or in second hand shops. Yes waterstones is more expensive but I am paying for the ability to walk in and have a wander through the isles and to pick up a book read and get a feel for it. I also buy some online but I just get them from amazon so I am hoping that you guys will have a better recomndation about a couple of good sites to use.

Thanks James

  spuds 15:44 22 Nov 2014

Most high street bookshops are in the decline due to online sales becoming far cheaper and possibly better with fast deliveries.

You have already mentioned Amazon who I find very good, plus my other choice would be eBay. Both I check before making a purchase.

If you really enjoy reading books, have you ever considered a kindle or some similar device. Quite a lot of reading can be gained via that method, and some of it is free.

  Pine Man 16:52 22 Nov 2014

Yes waterstones is more expensive but I am paying for the ability to walk in and have a wander through the isles and to pick up a book read and get a feel for it

Having done that order a copy online from the cheapest retailer.

  Jameslayer 17:53 22 Nov 2014

Pine Man as I said in the first part of that sentence I buy books from water stones. I think that it's wrong to use retail srtores to browse then but online. I use waterstone for my impulse buys.

  morddwyd 18:43 22 Nov 2014

E-bay has a vast book selection, from one penny upwards *though you'll need to pay carriage). There are also many US booksites.

For browsing most of the charity shops have large book selections, and if you are in the north or west you might visit one of the booktowns like Hay or Wigtown

  lotvic 20:11 22 Nov 2014

You can buy from Waterstones Online store click here or Oxfam click here etc. etc.

if you google for buying books online you will get lots of choices

Or you could go to your local library and borrow a book to read.

  Jameslayer 20:18 22 Nov 2014

I'm a book horder I can read a book a night. I will probely end up going to a kindle or equivelent at some stage as I have ran out of book space.5 book cases and their double stacked.

While I was looking for books I came across this link click here which seems ok.

  lotvic 21:58 22 Nov 2014

That seems to be for USA $ ?

If in UK and you're a book hoarder, you ought to try ebooks. You can get free readers to use on your pc and other devices and free books to go with them

Amazon Kindle ClickHere free reading app for pc, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Amazon Free ebooks ClickHere

This is good for info on where to download free books click here I recommend Project Gutenberg for public domain books.

There are lots of other ebook formats than the Kindle mobi ones. I have ePub format books that I read on my tablet with a different free reading app. I also have an epub reader addon for my browser. Do a google for epub reader

  lotvic 22:01 22 Nov 2014

Forgot to say, IMHO you can't do better than to get the free Calibre ebook manager click here

  lotvic 17:34 30 Nov 2014

RadnorKev, a little short-sighted of you to rule out the huge selection of Free Books from Amazon. They can easily be converted to epub or other formats by free Calibre program.

  Jameslayer 14:58 06 Dec 2014

I have decided I will have to buy a ebook reader as I am officely out of space multiple book cases all double stacked. The next decison becomes what to buy I am torn between something like a kindle without backlight or to get a thing that I can also read magazines on etc.

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