What video editing package should I buy?

  poiu 20:45 28 Dec 2004

My evesham came with a DVD-RAM writer but the software provided(pinnacle 7) doesn't support this! Evesham acknowledges this but declines to offer a substitute! I would appreciate any suggestions, I am prepared to buy a full video/cd burning package so long as it is compatible. Roxio Creator only seems to be DVD+/- not RAM compatible.

  €dstowe 06:41 29 Dec 2004

If your DVD writer only writes to DVD RAM discs, I would get Evesham to change it to one of more use to you.

DVD RAM is not a popular format and not much use if you want to make DVDs to play in anything other than a DVD RAM machine i.e. you will not be able to play the discs in a normal DVD player.

Perhaps I'm being cynical but I'd guess that the supplier had a load of these writers (bought cheaply as surplus stock) and installed them on their machines with advertising such that they made a virtue out of a cheap trick.

To answer your specific question, I don't know of any consumer level video suites that cater for DVD RAM - probably because there is no demand for it.

  poiu 10:08 29 Dec 2004

Thank you very much. I think I have been had. Also I have been given inappropriate advice by the sales adviser and support staff.

  Pamy 12:09 29 Dec 2004

Hi poiu, before you do anything else, can you perhaps tell us what the make and model of the DVD writer is (on some documentation perhaps)


  poiu 12:21 29 Dec 2004

It's a Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-815A. Is this any help.

  €dstowe 12:49 29 Dec 2004

Is this the device? click here if so, then it has been around for a number of years and is grossly out of date when compared with what is available now.

If your Evesham is anything like new, I would still get them to change it.

  poiu 13:02 29 Dec 2004

Thanks Edstowe I got my laptop in early March 2004 and was told by Evesham a few months ago there were software packages available to buy to facilitate editing. I will go back to them but they really were not very helpful the time I phoned them.

  Pamy 13:04 29 Dec 2004

from a search on google it appears to be an old drive with the following .....

2X DVD-RAM Writing
2X DVD-R writing
1x DVD-RW writing
16X CD-R writing
8X CD-RW writing
24X CD-ROM reading
8X DVD-ROM reading
So, I think this is an old Panasonic drive.

  Pamy 13:24 29 Dec 2004

I see from your reply to £dstowe that you bought your Laptop in March 2004, but you failed to say how old it was. Is this a secondhand model bought "as is" from Evesham in witch cxase I do not think you will have any joy with Evesham with regard to changing thr DVDWriter as has been suggested. Pamy

  poiu 14:19 29 Dec 2004

No Pamy it was new high spec Voyager 64 as in PC Advisor review except I upgraded the ram to 1GB and the hard drive to 80GB as I thought this would be helpful when editing our family videos. The spec on the order says DVD/CD-RW/DVD-RW Combo 8x8x4x24 unfortunately I didn't fully appreciate what I was buying. I appreciate all the advice from you guys I have wasted so much time making far less progress. Suggestions?

  €dstowe 14:32 29 Dec 2004

What I would do (which will involve some outlay of money) is to fix yourself up with an external DVD writer attached by USB.

You can do this by buying an OEM DVD/RW such as a NEC 3500A and an external case. This will provide you with a fairly modern system at not much cost but it will be compatible with most editing/authoring software.

If you're interested in this approach, please respond and I will give more detail.

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