What updates do I need??

  SheffieldSpy 13:34 16 Sep 2003

I have a new laptop - the QuaddraXS - as I have mentioned in some other threads. I have Windows XP home edition SP1. Could anyone tell me which patches I need to download. Its a special QuaddraXS/Mobile-Support.net build, so I have no idea what patches I are installed and those that are not got.

  Citizen -A 13:49 16 Sep 2003

go to windows updates and the auto scan for updates, and download all critical updates some may need to be done on there own but you will receive notification of this if required.
click here

  SheffieldSpy 09:15 17 Sep 2003

Can I save these to CD-R as well? I have 38.9MB of updates to collect, which on a 56K modem will take days to do.

  SheffieldSpy 11:36 17 Sep 2003

I have downloaded 20 of 27 updates for my computer, but a look at the installation history shows that the Outlook 6 SP1 update canceled and Internet Explorer 6 SP1 failed. Would it work if I download those two again. I still have 26MB of updates to collect yet.

  Citizen -A 12:38 17 Sep 2003

do those downloads on there own then rebbot pc

  Citizen -A 12:38 17 Sep 2003

sorry sticky finger "reboot"

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