What TFT to buy?

  Josh-204010 16:45 29 Aug 2004

I am looking at buying a new TFT monitors I am currently looking around and would like peoples opinions on what makes are best and what models to consider. I don't really know much about them, my maximum price is about £230 and I am looking for a 17" monitor. I am currently considering the following models:-

LG L1715s £231

Phillips 170s 5Fs £227

Benq FP731 £222

Relisys TL766B £222

I have seen all of these models for the marked price on savastore, any other reccomended models would be greatly appreciated within my £230 budget. Please help and let me know which is the "best of the bunch"

thanks in advance

  Dorsai 06:00 30 Aug 2004

The LG one we have at work. brand new this month. 8 of. Nice piccy, not one dead pixel in sight (but it is early days yet).

Cant comment with a comparison to the rest though..I can't afford to buy all four, and then use the best. and the Boss just picked one TFT and bought 8 the same, rather than buying 8 different 17" ones.

LG stuff from my experiance is quite good though.

Have DVD/CD-RW (3/4 year old, still going fine).

A video. It is the longest lasting video i have ever bought for under £100. (the last one, not LG, lasted 375 days, ie 10 days longer than the warranty, never buy from that well known electronic maker again). The LG one, now over 2 year old.

  GibsonSt19 10:36 30 Aug 2004

Aldi have a 19" TFT coming in on 02/09.

click here

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