What Spec Laptop ?

  Linds 16:46 24 Mar 2006

Hi all

I guess to must here this all the time, but I am unsure what spec laptop to get.

I will be using it for:
Downloading video and editing it from our video camera (DV cassette) & then burning to DVD

Word processing, Excel and Powerpoint

Broadband - via WiFi

Poss some (very) simple webpage development

Music downloads/storage

Photo editing

I have a limited budget and having read What Laptop thought this sounded quite a good machine, but will it be good enough ?
click here

Your advise would be appreciated.


  ade.h 16:56 24 Mar 2006

512MB for video-editing?! No way. I have to use 1GB and a P-M 750 just for image editing. And a 1.6 Turion doesn't exactly bode well either. Given your demanding usage (video ed is very demanding on RAM and HDD capacity) I think you would be better off buying a desktop and even then, you should probably expect to require a RAM upgrade. At your price range, the gap between the two forms is greater.

(For video ed, I use my desktop - P4 640, 2GB RAM).

  Linds 17:13 24 Mar 2006


So I am either going to have to spend big bucks on a laptop or rather less on a desktop.


you can never quite get what you want can you !

Thanks for the info/advise

  SG Atlantis® 17:15 24 Mar 2006

Get a desktop if portability isn't an issue.

You'll get more for your money.

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