What SLR Camera?

  Seadog 23:32 07 Mar 2006

I want to purchase a new digital SLR camera, This to replace my two (old but still good) Olympus OM-1 SLR film cameras, for which I have a variety of lenses and attachments.Originally I would have liked a camera that my old Olympus lenses would have fitted but I understand that the digital SLR standard is totally different to the OM fit of my lenses, so the Olympus E-500 kit with the two lenses is the best replacement for me I have seen so far.
I fancy the Olympus E-500 kit with 18-45 and 40-150mm lenses which I have found cheapest at (believe it or not) the PC World website - and it comes with a case, 1Gb memory card and printer as well as the camera and the two lenses! I am not rich and have saved hard for this purchase so would like some advice from anyone who has purchased this or a similar camera as I want to be absolutely sure before I buy. Any comments and/or advice will be welcome.

  Les 05:34 08 Mar 2006

Try this review....click here

  Les 05:40 08 Mar 2006

or....click here

  ventanas 09:02 08 Mar 2006

I'm thinking of getting the E-500 as well, but don't get rid of the OM's. I still have three - OM1 OM2SP and OM4, and will never part. Wonderful cameras, and a big part of my life. Must be thirty years old, or more by now.

  Seadog 09:29 08 Mar 2006

Les, great, thanks for the links.
Ventanas, yeah the OM's are great cameras but I haven't used them since I bought my first digital camera over six years ago, so If I can get a few quid for them and/or someone else will get enjoyment from them then so be it! Much better than just letting them rot in the cupboard.

  ventanas 12:19 08 Mar 2006

I still use them, as well as my Canon digital. As long as film exists I think they will get some use.

  Seadog 12:52 08 Mar 2006

Just had a bit of a setback with the purchase of an E-500. the best deal is at PC World/Dixons which includes the camera body, 14-45 and 40-150 lens, case, printer and 1Gb flash card but no rechargable battery and charger, these will put almost £150 (buying genuine Olympus ones) onto the £599 price tag, now having to think again..................

  tarkus 13:59 08 Mar 2006

dont forget that you can get an adaptor to let you use your old OM lenses on the E500 camera. you will only be able to use them in manual mode and stopped down metering though, also remember that the 4/3's system has a crop factor of 2 so a 35mm wide angle lens will become a 70mm but it is great if you have a telephotolens say 200mm which will then become a 400mm lens. would also sugest you visit click here amd look at the olympus forums there, some very helpful and knowledgable people there.

  Seadog 14:05 08 Mar 2006

Tarkus, thanks for that about the adaptor, any idea where I can get one and how much? I haven't seen them advertised anywhere yet, but will have a look at the forums as you said.

  ade.h 14:06 08 Mar 2006

Having spent a couple of days testing an EOS 5D recently, I have decided to buy one of those in preference to a second-hand 1DS Mk.II, mostly due to the limited availability of the latter; they're to good for people to sell them just yet.

But I don't know if your budget will stretch to that, so I would suggest an EOS 350D (preferably body only + a decent EF lens as the OEM lens is not quite up to Canon's normal standard) or an F50 (the OEM lens of which is close to Nikon's usual standard).

Think very carefully about what system you want to invest in.

  ade.h 14:07 08 Mar 2006

Er... "to good" should be "too good"!

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