What size is too big?

  Shamrock Holmes 14:21 04 Jul 2009

I am interested in people's opinions about how three things: 1) How small do you think the current crop of Full HD (1920x1080) or WUXGA (1920x1200) screens will go in laptops (currently @ ~15 inches IIRC) and LCD/LED monitors (currently >20 inches IIRC).

2) How far do you think larger standards like WQXGA (2560x1600) or the proposed "Quad HD" (3840x2160 @ 16:9) expected to launch 2010, or the even larger "SHV" (7680 × 4320 @ 16:9) currently in development will go into the mainstream? Will the availability of 2160p and 4320p video be a factor or will people mainly watch them "downscaled" to fit on existing screens?

3) If yes to (2) do you think this will have the effect of increasing the use of dual/multi-screen set-ups with lower res screens used for browsing and office functions, and the big screens being mainly for AV work/playback?

Shamrock Holmes

  lotvic 14:54 04 Jul 2009

Well thank you very much - I got a headache coming on now.

  AL47 15:01 04 Jul 2009


my 17inch laptop has a 1920 screen, and i will not have a screen with a res lower than this

if i was o get anything higher than a 20" id like more than 1920

i am considering getting a second monitor that is about 20" with 1920 res actually

1920 is ideal cause you can fit 2 pages side by side in 100% zoom

  Forum Editor 15:21 04 Jul 2009

of these questions?

They have been posted in the wrong forum area, by the way. I'm transferring the thread to Consumerwatch.

  Shamrock Holmes 16:51 04 Jul 2009

I am interested in people's opinions about the usability and practicality of potential future developments in monitor technology, particularly within the mainstream 'typical user'.

  rdave13 19:12 04 Jul 2009

I think I'm a 'typical user' of monitors. What I want is a monitor without 'dead pixels', which has a crystal clear image, can be viewed at reasonable angles and has a reasonable cost. (Cheap in other words).
Size only comes in to the equation as to what you personally require. Hope that helps.

lotvic, paracetamol and a lie down in a very dark room should alleviate the headache... 8-|

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