What should I do, just accept it, and cry!

  KathleenMckirkle 16:05 19 Sep 2015

18 months after purchasing the fujitsu mini desktop computer I had to replace the hardrive with a smaller one than the original as I don't use the computer much. I complained to fujitsu who said take it up with your supplier (amazon marketplace) who said it wasn't his fault take it up with fujitsu. Talk about getting nowhere. I paid £454 originally then £120 for drive replacement. Apparent the drive was in a loop when updating. Not sure what this is. I am 71 years and don't know too much, I just use this computer for emails, browsing and downloading embroidery designs. I wouldn't recommend anybody to buy this. No help from fujitsu even though they are a big company. One year guarantee isn't much is is?

  spuds 16:31 19 Sep 2015

"I had to replace the hardrive with a smaller one than the original as I don't use the computer much."- I complained to fujitsu who said take it up with your supplier

I appologise for perhaps not understanding correctly, but who suggested that you should change the original hard-drive for something of less capacity

  lotvic 18:34 19 Sep 2015

You seem to have received some duff advice from whoever told you to replace the drive for a smaller one. Did you take it to a local shop to have it done? £120 seems excessive just for a hard drive.

  Forum Editor 00:51 20 Sep 2015

I am also puzzled by the smaller hard drive aspect of your post - why was this necessary?

The second thing to say is that under the terms of current consumer law the retailer from whom you bought the computer is liable to you for any faults which develop - not the manufacturer. The manufacturer is liable to the supplier, it isn't normally your job to contact the manufacturer.

That said, 18 months is quite a long time, and a drive that is 'in a loop' when updating software isn't necessarily faulty. It may be the software application which is being updated that is the culprit. In that case a solution is usually pretty straightforward, and certainly does not involve a replacement hard drive.

I have a sense that we haven't got all information here. That's not a criticism directed at you - it sounds as though you may have been given some misleading information. Who replaced the hard drive for you?

  Govan1x 09:59 20 Sep 2015

I think someone must have advised him to buy a SSD Drive which would be smaller and quicker.

And he has ran into a few problems. No doubt you chaps will be able to help him out if that is the case.

  Forum Editor 17:06 20 Sep 2015


Someone called Kathleen is probably a she, not a he.

  Govan1x 17:24 20 Sep 2015

Well observed FE I had not noticed. I do not usually look at the names but will from now on.

  Govan1x 10:43 25 Sep 2015


Almost a week and no reply. Is it windows updates that does not work or Windows 10 upgrade that is the problem.

We cant help if you do not reply.

  spuds 10:37 26 Sep 2015

"We cant help if you do not reply."

This was KathleenMckirkle's first post on this forum, so give it time ;o)

  onthelimit1 18:44 26 Sep 2015

She's not the first and won't be the last to ask a question then never be seen again!

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