What is a reasonable time to process an RMA?

  phoenix198 23:46 15 Apr 2004

I ask because Micro Direct have now had my Shuttle SB65G2 for 27 days and they STILL haven't returned it despite five telephone calls and three e-mails.

The tale of woe started when the built-in WiFi 802.11b adapter stopped functioning and all the diagnostics pointed to a hardware failure. To their credit, Micro Direct agreed to RMA immediately and after stripping the Shuttle back down to barebone, I dispatched it by Special Delivery on 17 March.

Five days later I had heard nothing so contacted Micro Direct to ask about progress only to be told that thay had a 5-7 day backlog but that I should hear from them within a few days. Received a polite and informative e-mail from their repair department on 29 Mar stating that the Shuttle had been repaired (grinding of teeth - the internal USB connector had come loose) and that I should contact the returns department to arrangement payment for repair/processing/return shipment.

This I did on 1 Apr 04 (their e-mail had quoted an incorrect telephone number which slowed me down somewhat), then sat back to await the Shuttle's return. Nothing received by 7 Apr so I telephoned again and was given the impression that the Shuttle would be dispatched that day. However, no delivery on 8 Apr and on checking my credit card I noticed that no charge had been made, and so telephoned again to verify that the Shuttle had been dispatched.

Got the same story from someone who definitely wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer who, despite promising to chase up the Shuttle's dispatch and telephone or e-mail me with confirmation, failed to do so.

The Easter weekend intervened, and the returns department isn't open on a Saturday, but I was able to use the web-form their site to send a somewhat pithy inquiry as to what was happening. After all, I had made three attempts to pay then hasten the return of my goods and, as far as I could determine, Micro Direct had taken no action.

Contacted Returns again on Tue 13th and (again) arranged payment by credit card. Didn't feel confident, but hope sprang eternal!

Wed 14th finally saw a response (of sorts) from Micro Direct to my e-mail, but all it did was confirm to me that they still hadn't processed my payment and asked me to call and arrange payment again. This got a very sharp reply that I had done so on the previous day which was acknowledged an hour or so later.

However, 36 hours later, there is still no trace of payment being taken, and (needless to say), the Shuttle still hasn't arrived!

  byfordr 09:32 16 Apr 2004

Give them a further chance to remedy the situation, with a time limit saying you will contact your credit card company to retrieve the money. If this doesn't work, go to your credit card company and they will be able to retrieve the money for you.


  phoenix198 08:05 17 Apr 2004

isn't it?

The day after you build up a good head of steam for a good rant on the 'net ... Micro Direct extract the digit and deliver my Shuttle!

Of course I'm pleased the Shuttle is back, not least because I can bury myself in rebuilding it this weekend instead of talking to the other half! But I still think 28 days is way too long a turn-round to correct a really simple fault, and imho their communication (internal and external) leaves much to be desired.

  Forum Editor 13:28 17 Apr 2004

You get all fired up, and ready to ride into battle............and the enemy surrenders.

Go into the garden and shatter your garden gnome with a single blow. Then go back and enjoy using your computer. You're right by the way, 28 days is too long to complete a simple repair, now that the Internet has conditioned us to expect instant gratification every time.

  spuds 13:30 17 Apr 2004

One thing in your favour, is the instant credit card payment, that some companies undertake on receiving an order.At least Micro Direct left it in your bank a little longer (;o)

  ferrex 21:53 20 Apr 2004

Although I was very concerned about some information I found on the net related to Evesham RMA under warranty
I needn’t have worried, they returned an RMA to me in 7 working day’s, brilliant or what.

  harps1h 22:05 20 Apr 2004

i sent back a mobo to aria at the on the 23/03/04. i'm still waiting for a refund as it was faulty

  phoenix198 07:31 22 Apr 2004

Micro Direct hadn't corrected the problem .... the WiFi module is still faulty!

<sound of shattering gnome>

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