What printer should i buy

  jon12 16:42 03 Apr 2003

ive never bought a printer. im setting up on my own from home and need printer that can do simple normal office stuff.
print letter quality reports nad proposals, colour where necessary,copy option, maybe scanner too. Any advice fro someone who dooesnt know difference from inkjet to laser.

  Ben_uk 02:22 04 Apr 2003

Having worked my way through a Lexmark, Epson, and HP printers (Hewlett Packard), the HP wins easily, very solid build quality, fast and reliable. Also unlike Epson and others HP Ink Cartridges have the print heads built in so ensuring continual good print quality years down the line and from my experience no more expensive than the other variety.Epson cartridges appear to be cheap but then they are smaller and have less ink in them so need replacing more often! A relatively cheap Scanner (try Staples for something around £40, I did and it does the job fine)which will then give you a copy facility. You could instead get an All-In_One Printer/Scanner/Copier, again HP are pretty well the only ones that offer a decent print quality, usually All-In-One machines are "just OK" jack of all trades and master of none machines useful for space saving and convenience though with the downside that if one bit of it goes wrong it could lose all functions. Canon have been popular lately but I have no experience of them. I expect you'll get a lot of Epson supporters but as someone who has tried different printers over the last 6 years I can only give you the wisdom of my experience and research - incidently my HP930C printer has now accounted for over 3 of those years. Be a bit wary of the seemingly very cheap printers - they may not come with the necessary cables and often only have "Lite" low volume cartridges supplied, (with replacement ink cartridges costing more than the printer!)Although I doubt that the HP 930C I have is available now I'm pretty sure there are very similar models obviously based on it for a lot less than the £130 I paid 3 years ago (it was a class winning bargain then). A similar spec HP printer is around £90 now I think. Hope this helps

  DieSse 02:39 04 Apr 2003

I agree with all the post by Ben_uk. For a good "all-in-one" look at the HP PSC2110.

  korkyB 08:48 04 Apr 2003

I agree.

I had a HP 720c for 4 years (which is still performing perfectly for my Mum) and "upgraded" to a epson photo 810 less than 1 year ago.

I have now given up continually trying to unblock the printheads and 2 weeks ago got myself a new HP 5550.

I am now happy again :)

Best deal I found was here:

click here

Best of luck

  jon12 09:39 04 Apr 2003

thanks for all your advice, someone in the pub last night said i should look for a printer that has 4 cartridges rather than tricolour as cheaper long term cartridges, what do you think, if good idea and hp is best do they do one
cheers jon

  €dstow 10:46 04 Apr 2003

Beware of all advice given in a pub through a haze of alcohol.

  chrisw24 11:58 04 Apr 2003

about the printer,I have just purchased a psc750 all in one and it beats my previous printer hands down simple to use and even copies in colour if needed. cost about £99.00 simple to install.g.v.f.m

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