what PC would you buy now...........on hindsight

  [DELETED] 15:17 10 Oct 2003

hi all, if you could start again now, what PC would you go for..My evesham is past it's sell by date so am thinking of a new one, but who's ?, this one has run well, mind you, when i got it in sept 2000, it played up no end, but in fairness Evesham took it back and replaced it...My Dell laptop was taken out the box 18 months ago and has never missed a beat....but i have been all day now going from one site to another, and am more confused now than ever as to what to buy.

so if you have time perhaps i could have some thought's.........thanks

  [DELETED] 15:47 10 Oct 2003

I would probably buy the same one that I have now.

It's a Dell and I am more than happy with it.

On the two occasions that I have needed Dell's technical support the problems were delt with quickly.

It's only 8 months old at the moment so I wont be looking to replace it for a couple of years yet but when I do I will probably go to Dell again.(even though I have read a good few horror stories on this forum).

Good luck with whatever company you choose.


  [DELETED] 15:50 10 Oct 2003

Almost certainly buy another Evesham, and probably the one my daughter got recently. even my technophobic wife was seriously impressed.

I was just jealous!

  Stuartli 15:54 10 Oct 2003

With hindsight it would always be the very latest and greatest - a situation that survives for about six to eight weeks when the next latest and greatest comes along...:-)

  Al94 16:03 10 Oct 2003

Bought an Advent desktop for my son 1 year ago with TFT from PC World and it has performed perfectly, bought a Packard Bell Easy One Silver notebook for myself 18 months ago, again absolutely no problems at all. Just wish it had better graphics capability although that's not what I bought it for.

First PC I ever had was a Packard Bell, second was from Tiny. Maybe I've jus been lucky but have never had any problems at all.

  Al94 16:07 10 Oct 2003

I should have added that I remain cautious and a great believer in buying from somewhere local that you can visit in person if you have a problem. I don't like dealing remotely by phone or email but that's just a personal choice. (my current problem with Dabs is testament to this!!)
click here

  johnnyrocker 16:11 10 Oct 2003

i would definately buy the one i have again, beautifully put together by click here have a look and see what you think


  [DELETED] 16:23 10 Oct 2003

I would start from scratch again and not let previous experience be the main influence on my purcahse. If PCW had the best PC at the best price for my needs I wouldn't have a problem buying from there.

If I had a free choice I would look to Dell to supply something as I like their kit, but wouldn't have a problem buying from Mesh again.

One company I would avoid is Viglen having dealt with them loads and often having had problems. However should they offer a great deal I would still give it consideration on equal terms.

  [DELETED] 16:24 10 Oct 2003

I would build my own again.... and one day i will...

  [DELETED] 16:28 10 Oct 2003

Thanks guys and girls, this is not easy is it,but thanks for the input, i will leave it open a bit longer................thanks

  [DELETED] 17:37 10 Oct 2003

I've had a few Dells and the downer about them is that although they are good they have very little upgradability. Basically you can't change change the processor or motherboard.

I think it's far better building your own. You can then choose exactly what you want in it. It's not that difficult either!

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