What PC should i buy?

  deano6410 13:35 27 Jul 2005

Hello everyone,

I am looking to buy a new PC, my budget is between 600 pounds and 1100 pounds.

It will mostly be used for business, thus it must be fast and powerful. It also must be compatible with wi-fi internet.

Ideally it should also have windowsXP or XP pro and a cd/dvd writer.

Its second use will be for video games, so ideally i would like a fast, powerful and reliable 3D graphics card, decent(ish) speakers and a large(ish) harddrive.

additional extras like printer and scanner are of no use as i already have them.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  deano6410 13:38 27 Jul 2005

i forgot to mention one vital aspect, i am staying in Madrid spain for at least the next 6 months, thus if i buy online it MUST be from a company that can deliever to spain within a few working days and at a decent cost.


  961 13:41 27 Jul 2005


Look online for best offers. Don't forget to haggle

Pal living in Spain ordered by phone and everything worked just fine

  deano6410 13:46 27 Jul 2005

ok, i agree that Dell look good, what sort of price range can i expect to be paying for my needs? and which sites should i be looking?

  961 14:02 27 Jul 2005

Well the answer is to trawl round the Dell site looking at the desktop offers. I'd look at dimension 3000 and 5000 series. Don't worry about the fact that some offers are "ending today", they are like bananas and london buses. There will be another lot around tomorrow.

I'd have thought you'd get what you want for nearer the £600 than the £1100 with the proviso that I don't know how much you want to spend on the graphics card. Remember that most games will play fine on a mid range card but if you want the last 10% of performance you can spend 3 times as much. That's all up to you.

When you have sorted through the configuration screens to see what sort of price you can get it may be worth phoning sales with a view to getting a better price especially if you want a lower price for not having one of the "free" printers or whatever. Some folk on this site have reported ringing three or four times and haggling another few pounds off each time

Ensure you find out what service options are available in Spain. My pal has never had to contact them from the day his machine arrived but you need to ensure what distance selling regs apply there

  deano6410 14:33 27 Jul 2005

many thanks.

ref the graphic card i DONT require it to be a latest model or super fast card, but i would for example like to play games like Half Life 2 and NOT have to worry about low framerates. But i am by no means a hardcore gamer, nor do i play online games.

So Dell.com is my best bet then? am i likely to be able to haggle with such a big company?

  961 15:13 27 Jul 2005

I guess their sales staff are paid a bit like car salesmen and I often wonder if they have targets to meet by the end of the day/week/month

That's why I've seen folk say they have been surprised by another £50 off when they thought they had got as far as they were going

If you don't ask you don't get, that's for certain, and in the present soft market every sale is to be grabbed at

I certainly feel that if you want delivery in Spain that Dell is the best bet as a Europe wide concern

Remember to pay by credit card and get the spec in writing

  deano6410 15:17 27 Jul 2005

Get the Spec in writing? could you possibly elaborate on this?

I think i will be going for the 5100 series, i will prob upgrade the harddrive and monitor, but with ref to the graphics card, my default was an ATI card, i cant remember the spec i will go and get the details in a minute. Or I could upgrade to a Nvidia 6800

If i want to play games like Half life2 at a good spped with good graphics, will i need the card upgrade?

  deano6410 15:19 27 Jul 2005

p.p.s Dell mention a buy now pay in 12 month option, but does this mean that you have 12 months and then the rate of 25.6% begins?

i.e lets presume the pc is 900 pounds, and i but it tommorow, does this mean that 12 months from tommorow i could pay 900 in one go and have received NO extra cost? or does it mean that 12 months from now i will owe them over a grand, even if i pay it off in my first day?

Thanks for your help thus far guys.

  961 15:42 27 Jul 2005

If you order by phone get them to send the agreed spec in writing so you are sure they understand what you have ordered and what price you are paying

Get the finance deal in writing too, but usually these give you an agreed period before you need to pay the cash price. If you pay that price on or before that day you usually pay the £900. However, if you then take finance you can sometimes pay interest calculated from the date of delivery

I'm not familiar with the current Dell finance deals but obviously you need to establish the exact terms as 12 months interest free is very worthwhile but 25% from delivery is very different

  wee eddie 16:02 27 Jul 2005

I would check but System should be serviceable more or less everywhere.

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