What to PC buy - any advice please

  Peter-217260 13:18 14 Nov 2003


After some advice please - I currently own a Dell Dimension (700mHz) at home that is about 4 years old & has worked like a little trojan but obviously cannot handle any new games & is starting to feel its age & besides we need 2 PCs to stop the arguments about who's turn it is to use it. We'll keep it running as its fine for WP & the internet but want to spend about £1200 getting a new PC that can handle the latest online gaming & enable me to do some video editing etc etc.

Now the obvious choice I guess is to get a new Dell 8300 & spec it up to £1200 but I have noticed that PC World are selling what looks like a comparable machine, the Fujitsu Siemens 3.0 Ghz for £999 which on paper looks good and it saves me £200.

Does anyone have any views on the Fujitsu at PC World or should I stick with a Dell? Or of course, does anyone have any other recommendations that I should look at? I'm not interested in building my own - no time or patience!

Very keen to hear any advice

  muscic lover 14:35 14 Nov 2003

Now i am no expert but a lot of folk here at PC Advisor have recounted scores of dissatisfied 'experiences' with PC world.

I think (and its my own opinio) I would go elsewhere. That is not to say that some folk have had no trouble whatsoever.... but think about aftersale support....

Again its what you want and can a certain store provide it for you?

Good luck and hope the arguments about whose go is it? stop!!

Enjoy the New PC from where ever you get it!

  Sir Radfordin 14:45 14 Nov 2003

We could spend all day discussing the pros and cons of every supplier and you would be left no wiser. PCWorld do often have PC's that suit the needs of many people at a cost you wouldn't always be able to beat elsewhere. You also have the advantage you go in buy your kit and go home.

Look at the reviews section of this site, for £1200 you should be able to get a mid-spec machine, and have some spare for software. I'm guessing you may have children, if so remember you can get MS Office (and other software packages) at a reduced price - education licences.

Dell, Evesham, Mesh, Time, PCWorld, Nethighstreet and others will supply something you need.

At a minimum I'd say get something with CDRW/DVD, 512mb RAM, +60GB hard drive (we all say we will never use it!) and a decent size monitor. TFT screens aren't that much more and can save a bit of space.

My advice to people like you is to go away, draw up a short list and see what you think. Then if you want some advice, ask again.

  johnnyrocker 15:00 14 Nov 2003

i too enquired from pc world about the fujitsu you mention which on the face of it seems a great piece of kit but 'apparently does not exist' i mailed the website for details of how where i could see it, no response, went to my local store 'only available from the web' back to the web mailed again no response, telephoned them and they said it was news to them about that machine so in frustration i went to click here and i am well pleased.


  Peter-217260 15:06 14 Nov 2003

Sorry if I was being too vague - Yes I do have a family so it needs to be quite a versatile machine - I have a teenage son that plays online games: Counterstrike, Fifa etc & I fancy having a go at video editing, so a DVD burner is essential. Its not important about a CD burner as the existing machine has one.

I would like to have a TFT screen for looks as well as saving some desk space. I am not too concerned about a top of the range speaker system as I don't intend using it for watching TV or DVDs.

Two things that I note of interest in your email Sir Radfordin was that you suggest 512Mb and I also wasn't aware of the MsOffice deal for education - I will definitely look into that so thanks.

Johnnyrocker, thats interesting about your trip to PC World as I was going to drive down this weekend & have a look - we'll see & yes I had heard similar things about PC World which was one of my concerns.


  simonp1 15:28 14 Nov 2003

well if your buying a new computer, and it will mainly be used for online gaming, make you you have a good graphics card...

If you intend also on video editing you need to ensure you have plenty of processor power.

Time are offering some good deals on their PC's..may be worth a look.

You may also consider having the pc made to your own specs via a local shop....i have done this with upgrades..great advice plus good customer care

  plankton 16:22 14 Nov 2003

I've got a Fujitsu-Seimans, got it from Comet, but have a look here at the home site click here you can spec up and down as you like.

It's a V good machine, no problem with upgrades either....if you want to put a scanner on, do it early......;o))

  plankton 16:23 14 Nov 2003

Ps my typin is rubbish today (toothache, got to wait til tomorrow for action at dentists) :o((

  Peter-217260 16:25 14 Nov 2003

Thanks Plankton -I'll have a look at their site & its good to hear from someone who's got one and approves - it looked a good deal

Good luck at the dentists

  Sir Radfordin 16:54 14 Nov 2003

If you are serious about video editing then you are going to need something more than a mid-range spec.

Firstly don't try it on anything less than 512mb RAM and expect to be happy. I've run WinXP on 128mb and its useable but slow. 256mb and you cope, 512mb and your happy 1GB and you'll have fun.

Secondly, look at getting one large hard drive or 2 paired (eg 1x120GB or 2x80GB) video files take up a lot of space.

You are also going to want a high-end graphics card, and some way of capturing the video.

DVD burner shouldn't be a problem, but you are still going to have to decide which format you want to take.

PCWorld may not be the best place to buy such a machine.

If you don't want MS Access (database) then education licence is great -click here

Best advice I can give is be totally honest about your needs. If you don't plan on doing the family finances in excel every weekend but want to have some serious fun then go for a machine that can deal with it. The simpler the process the more you will enjoy playing around. No-one will think any less of you if you just use the PC for fun and pen and paper for real work!

  Peter-217260 17:05 14 Nov 2003

Thanks for the advice Sir Radfordin.

You mention DVD format - eeek! I will admit that I have not a clue. What would you suggest if I was, say putting together a DVD from the camcorder via the PC so that I could send to family to simply play in their normal DVD player.

(You may have guessed by the dumb questions that I am not too technically minded) bear with me!

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