what new games are you looking forward to

  daget 14:57 08 Jan 2003
  daget 14:57 08 Jan 2003

in the year 2003, I'm eagerly waiting for c&c generals and unreal 2 also looking forward to the new geforce card.

  vinnyT 15:01 08 Jan 2003

Doom 3

  Scarthy © ® ™ 15:02 08 Jan 2003

Shouldn't this be in the gamesroom??? Oh it's not there anymore (me wails like a baby)....ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh

Isn't there a new Quake coming soon??? If so I am looking forward to that. (;o)))

  daget 15:08 08 Jan 2003


  daget 15:08 08 Jan 2003


  Pilch.... 15:11 08 Jan 2003

of perhap's a half life 2......

Quote from PC Gamer....

If the rumours we hear are to be believed , Half Life 2 is in an advanced state of development. Why no news of it? Simply Valve(developer's of half life) dont want to talk about it.... even to the publisher's, vivendi it seem's, since none of valves forthcoming releases dont appear on viviendi's release schedule.

Also maybe Counterstrike:Condition Zero (Spring 2003), Halo combat evolved(Summer 2003), GTA 3 Vice City(Summer 2003), Quake 4(TBA)(Apparently going back to the single player mode), Doom 3(Summer 2003)....

Now this is what seem's strange.... ID Software who delevop Quake and Doom, are releasing 2 games that will use the same engine, same format, i.e. single player.......

Now to me, that just dont make sense..... why not do quake as multiplayer, have doom for single player, otherwise it may just be worth buying one game and wait for some clever sole so that you can import some of the things from the other game!

  bobbyp 15:14 08 Jan 2003

Where is the gamesroom then? Has it gone forever?

  Pilch.... 15:14 08 Jan 2003

Enter the matrix, about you guessed it, the Matrix Reloaded movie, which this game is expected to redefine our expectation's.....

i wait with great anticipation.... for May 2003

  bobbyp 15:14 08 Jan 2003

Where is the gamesroom then? Has it gone forever?

  rickf 15:20 08 Jan 2003

Deus Ex II definitely.

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