What must I do MESH?

  [DELETED] 18:55 23 Sep 2003

You have still not replied to my e-mail that I sent yesterday referring to my returned computer which is still faulty.

I am trying to be reasonable but you are leaving me no choice.
You have now left me with no alternative but to try and get some satisfaction through the small claims court.

As I said before I don?t wish to take this avenue due to the time and trouble it would cause me but I have had enough.

I am an OAP who cannot afford to throw away money, the computer alone cost £1,400, and the investment I thought I was making in purchasing a computer from you has caused me considerable expense.
I do admit that you refunded the delivery cost in the first 3 weeks due to the problems that I had but all I want is a system that functions correctly, not refunds.

The telephone calls alone come to quite a considerable sum and there does not seem to be an end to them either.
Even after sending it back although I had paid for on site cover has not cured the problem I do believe I am within my rights to expect you to supply me with a replacement as you do not seem to be able to repair this one, remember it was faulty straight from the box on day one.
I am sending this to [email protected] and posting it on this forum for the benefit of others.

  [DELETED] 19:38 23 Sep 2003

It is really sad to hear you are still having a problem contacting Mesh. I'm sure that their Representative will see your thread in the morning and reply to you.

It must be extremely frustrating for you to have a PC that is not working as it should, even more so, to feel that you correspondence is going unanswered.

You have maintained an amount of calm that I would find difficult to do. Your thread is well written under the circumstances, and amount of money involved, I wish you well and trust that Mesh will respond soon and, I'm sure will put matters right. Best regards. j.

  Stuartli 19:43 23 Sep 2003

I'm due a delivery tomorrow (Wed) from Mesh of a computer system - just hope it goes OK unlike what appears to have happened to you.

Wish you well with your complaint.

  [DELETED] 22:06 23 Sep 2003

I have just done a search and found your original thread concerning this problem way back in May of this year. I have not included a link to it, as it contains many negative replies from other users. [Negative to Mesh, that is] which does not help you and your problem.

It does appear that you have had nothing but trouble from day one. Hopefully this time Mesh will see fit to reply to you and attempt to solve this problem. Which I feel sure they will do now that you have used the Mesh response from within this forum. Once more good luck, I hope all goes well for you. Regards. j.

  [DELETED] 07:03 24 Sep 2003

I fully concur with Djohn.

I am sure by now you have just had enough.

Your treatment by Mesh is nothing short of despicable - despicable in its true sense of despising you, its customer. They should bear in mind who, in the end, pays their wages and, for the company big wigs, who pays for their luxury yacht moored at Cannes or whatever.

There is a limit how much contempt can be shown to a customer. Mesh seem to exceeded that in your case Ray. Good luck.


  Stuartli 09:09 24 Sep 2003

As I've mentioned earlier in the thread, I'm expecting a delivery today of a system from Mesh.

Things have got off to a good start, I had a call from Amtrak at 7.30am to check that someone will be in so oy can do the delivery; the reason is security based to ensure that the system is not left on the delivery vehicle unnecessarily.

I pointed out that I knew three weeks ago that the system was due to be delivered today, as it is the first time I have ever been contacted by a courier to check there was someone in..:-)

Even so it was emphasised that it was for security purposes.

Hopefully the rest of the transaction will go equally as smoothly and that the system will prove 100 per cent reliable for the elderly person it has been acquired on their behalf...:-)

  [DELETED] 09:54 24 Sep 2003

If it does go all to plan, you might consider using your magic touch with Mesh on behalf of Ray27<;-))


  [DELETED] 09:56 24 Sep 2003

Am talking to a MESH representative this morning. If you let me know your order number or some other easy identifier, I can ask him about this as well.

  [DELETED] 13:09 24 Sep 2003

my order No is 494907
I have managed to speak to the engineer who attempted to fix the last problem and he says he is going to investigate his end and call me back.
I still have not had any response from [email protected]

The only thing I have gotten out of all this is meeting people(I dont mean in the literal sense ) like you guy's
Kind Regards Ray

  johnnyrocker 13:49 24 Sep 2003

this is my post from another mesh thread and my advice is get your money back if you can

well folks the outlook is not good as i posted some months ago about the shoddy when available service from mesh, over 2 years my machine went back 3 times (hand delivered because of knowing the delay and living a mile away) two hard drives destroyed while under technical talk through with a 'qualified' engineer (that makes you wonder) finally after a ream of letters i was offered a full refund so i took my 1200 pounds (machine cost only) elsewhere and now am a happy a very happy bunny using all the other peripherals mesh supplied ( funny their own piece was the only one to fail) good luck to anyone who buys from them. cheers. johnny.

  johnnyrocker 13:53 24 Sep 2003

for info the chief exec is max sherafati mix em up and you get mesh.


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