What mobile

  ened 16:25 25 Nov 2007

I'm confused by this.

My wife has a basic mobile on Orange PAYG.

I want to get her a better one for Christmas, partly because mine, which is identical to hers, died this week.

I had had it about seven years and am of the belief they are programmed to cease after a certain time. I would be interested to know what anybody thinks about that theory.

But the reason for the thread is: Can I buy her any handset and simply stick her sim card in? All the catalogues seem to tie certain phones to certain deals and neither of us use the things enough to warrant a contract, although I do believe she would appreciate the features of a slightly more expensive unit (camera, mp3 etc).

  Zak 17:08 25 Nov 2007

To use the Orange SIM card you need to purchase either a handset from Orange or an Orange supplier or one which is unlocked - this is the best as you can then use any mobile providers SIM card.

Have a look here, they do refurbished handsets which are unlocked:

click here

  Zak 17:11 25 Nov 2007

You need a SIM free handset. Turn on your mobile also do new and pristine handsets.

  ened 17:26 25 Nov 2007

So a particular handset (for example in the Argos Catalogue under Vodafone is actually locked into that network?

Is that legal?

  Zak 17:36 25 Nov 2007

Yeah that's the case and main reason is that the handset is subsidised and they naturally wish to keep you with their network.

Please note that the Argos handset will have a Vodaphone SIM card and corresponding new mobile phone number.

  Zak 17:37 25 Nov 2007

You can always get the handsets unlocked and that is legal, cost varies £5 to £10 I think.

  ened 17:50 25 Nov 2007

I really wanted her to be able to keep her sim card.

So I guess it will have to be Orange.

Going back to my phone: it has never been dropped, got wet or anything else. One minute it was working and the next it was telling me it wanted more software.

There are no moving parts so I believe it had a cut off date built into it.

I wish I could find out how to check and then present the evidence back to the manufacturer.

  Zak 18:00 25 Nov 2007

Have a look here:

2 for the price of one reconditioned from Orange

-Offer ends 30 Nov 07

  Zak 18:00 25 Nov 2007
  interzone55 21:38 25 Nov 2007

I don't think there's any kind of conspiracy. No products have a built in expiry date.

You say your phone is about 7 years old, that's a fair old age for a mobile, you are very lucky.

The bit that usually dies first is the battery, have you tried to source a new battery for your handset?

You say it "wanted more software", what kind of software, the OS on a phone is often hard coded, so can't be updated.

  ened 06:27 26 Nov 2007

That was it: one minute it was working, then it appeared to turn itself off and when I pressed the on switch the message on the screen was 'need more software'!

The battery was fully charged and I took it along to ask advice from the local shop who said it was knackered.

Maybe I'm getting old but I don't consider that items should be considered old-aged after just seven years!

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