What a Mesh

  barryg 13:36 08 Feb 2005

What a big mistake! After the great reviews in PC Advisor I told a friend (ex friend to be) and they purchased a Matrix 64, 3500+ Storm. Now after 3 months of misery, you know the kind, hanging, slowing to a crawl, refusing to boot up, now the machine is unusable. All my efforts, hours trying to get the problems resolved are wasted. "Support" consists of you will have to reformat the hard drive, try to save data and ring back "don't reformat I will send an e mail with a fix". The fix works as long as a week and the misery restarts. A hard drive error message is reported and ignored as "support" says you will need to reformat the drive. The novice owner is so confused and unable to comprehend she asks can't someone call and sort it out "of course not". Personally try support again and they will send a new disk to reformat and you will get it tomorrow! Of course tomorrow never comes on enquiring "somebody wrote the envelope but failed to put the disk in", I kid you not! Eventually receive the disk and try to reformat and it fails. " Support" tries to reformat and fails, quickly tells me an engineer will contact me in 3-5 working days to arrange a visit to replace the hard drive,and goodbye. I assume this could mean another 2 weeks without a machine. What world does this company inhabit sell a duff product for nearly a thousand pounds and expect the consumer to fix it? I know this might be how the industry works but does that make it right?

  TomJerry 14:41 08 Feb 2005

just want to know why you suggest her to get a system as powerful as that at the first place?

AMD 64 is "new" so is not well proven, powerful machine generate a lot of heat, this maybe the main source of problem.

She may have been better served with poven, trusted and less powerful products. Any PC under £800 from PC World or etc will keep her happy.

If she become your ex, it suit you right.

  961 15:03 08 Feb 2005

How was this machine paid for?

  claudine 15:31 08 Feb 2005

Tomjerry anything you buy from anywhere should work! If it doesn't it's not the customer's fault for buying something "new and not proven". It is the manufacturer's fault for selling something not sufficiently stable/tested.

  TomJerry 16:11 08 Feb 2005

how many home users NEED (not want) machine that powerful. I don't, even I do video editing and occusionaly do some computational fluid dynamics simulation.

  dth 17:13 08 Feb 2005


Although it is unfair to make judgments based on one P/C - am really glad that I didn't order this P/C. I was really tempted but decided to just buy a new motherboard and AMD 64 chip - to upgrade my P/C.

Not sure whether you can claim that 64 bit is new technology. As well as Windows XP - I use the 64 bit designed Suse 9.2 and it runs a treat. Lets just hope that the 64 bit version of Windows XP (when it arrives) is as good!

  barryg 17:36 08 Feb 2005

I did acknowledge my mistake. However buying from PC World just to keep her happy? I guess I may have more respect for the opposite sex than you.

  barryg 17:39 08 Feb 2005

It was paid for by debit card.

  961 18:33 08 Feb 2005

Visa or Mastercard?

  peg leg 19:05 08 Feb 2005

I also would like to buy a Mesh machine but am a bit dismayed by the attitude of support at Mesh when things go wrong,judging by this post!

Wether you are a novice or expert,if things go wrong on anything under guarantee you are entitled to have it fixed or replaced,and as quickly as possible.

After the first few fixes failed, surely you should have had a home visit or replacement machine as soon as possible.I run everything via my pc,gas and electricity bills,banking,credit card,poll tax not to mention teenagers who are glued to msn for hours on end.If anything goes wrong with my pc lifes difficult!!

To state that someone should have bought a cheaper,slower machine because they are of the fairer sex and a novice is utter rubbish.We are entitled to get the best computer that we can afford,and expect it to work.

Spot on.

Comments like that are of no use what so ever once the system has been purchased.

Shurely the machine should not be on the market to be BETA Tested

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