What Laptop to Buy For Coreldraw?

  JunoApollo 10:05 27 Sep 2015

At the moment I'm using a Sony Vaio, Core i5 with Windows 7. I do admit that I usually have several other programs on the go at the same time as Coreldraw, as well as 8 or 10 webpages open in Chrome. But that's how I NEED it to be for what I do on a daily basis. The Vaio, although it's supposed to be one of the better machines, just can't seem to handle it. So many programs crash, and Coreldraw is slow. I know that CD has issues of its own outside of the actual laptop, but even when I don't have CD open, I still have problems. Any suggestions on which laptop to get? I pretty much need a workhorse. All answers welcome, thanks :)

  HondaMan 11:02 28 Sep 2015

I suspect that your problem lies with the amount of memory you have. I am running CD X7 on a Mac with no problems whatsoever, despite dire warnings from Corel.

  JunoApollo 17:53 28 Sep 2015

Thanks for the answer :) It's got 4GB, what would you recommend I increase it to?

  HondaMan 18:11 28 Sep 2015

It depends on your motherboard. crucial.com offer a scanner which will determine how much memory and what speed memory your computer can take. Be advised by them, but I suspect 4GB will be the max in which case you will have to manage with fewer open windows or buy a computer with, I would suggest at least 12GB

  Forum Editor 19:11 28 Sep 2015

"I pretty much need a workhorse"

You don't mention a budget, but take a look at this I think it fits the bill.

You can spend a lot more, and if you want to explore further post to that effect, and i'll make other suggestions - we're talking in excess of £1000, and up to £2000.

  JunoApollo 21:55 28 Sep 2015

Thanks guys. The Acer looks like a good job. Currys are doing the 16GB for a good price, so I'll take a race in there tomorrow. I'll check out crucial.com too to see where I stand right now anyways. But I do reckon a new machine is the way to go. Thanks again :)

  Forum Editor 23:24 28 Sep 2015

PC World currently have the 16Gb version on offer for £699.99 with a £70 cashback voucher which effectively brings it down to £629.99. It's a serious bargain at that price, but the offer is only available until 30th September.

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