what laptop to buy?

  jorema 11:13 31 Jan 2004

I am purchasing my first laptop and as I am very naive when it comes to computers I could do with some advise! I want at least 2GHz, 512MB, 30GB and at least 2 usb ports and am on limited budget so up to £650 max.Can anyone point me in the right direction for reliable manufacturers and suppliers? I have looked at so many different makes and models that my head is buzzing! Even looked at reconditioned models. HELP

  bremner 12:03 31 Jan 2004

I too am buying my first laptop on a similar budget.

I have looked at many and scoured magazines and the net.

I have plumped for a Toshiba A10 click here as it has fairly good revues. It comes in at £703 inc vat and comes with a USB external floppy drive.

A slightly cheaper option is click here at £545 inc vat but this only has a 20GB hard drive.

I have not found a new machine in this price bracket with 512MB of RAM.

Crucial sell 256MB Ram for these Toshiba models at £28.19 click here

  bremner 12:04 31 Jan 2004

Sorry the second machine is £645 inc vat not £545 (a typo)

  Raywood 18:50 31 Jan 2004

Well over budget but... Try RockDirect's Quaddra XS. I got the lower spec (2.6-30) one and have never had any problems. This meets your spec except for the 256MB memory. However the next model up has 2.8GHz, 512MB RAM and 40GB HDD. Both have 3 USB 2.0. click here

  Egg McKane 15:20 01 Feb 2004

Take a tour around ebuyer's site, im thinking about buying a laptop and there's a good selection at a good price.

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