what internet browser should you use???

  hello666666 11:54 30 Jun 2007

i have been looking at internet browsers and i have found on 8 differnt computers on 4 differnt operating systems (all windows) and i have looked at 6 differnt browsers:

firefox: loads pages and images 3rd fastest and games lagg

opera: loads images extremly fast

IE7: Loads pages fast but not images and games are fairly slow

Runecats Explorer: loads games fast and images fairly fast and pages are about normal speed

netscape: loads everything the same speed as firefox

advant: the software laggs and doesn't respond well on vista and eveything is about average

It depends on what you do to which one you use but i do find that opera and firefox have a fair about of errors same goes for netscape but they all are still good.

i personly would go for runecats explorer as i am a gamer and i fits into the vista theme!

  hello666666 15:23 30 Jun 2007

I hoped this helps you pick which one to use.

I pesonly think Runecats Explorer V1.2 Pro should go on one of the disks on the pc advisor magazines one day!

  Jackcoms 15:34 30 Jun 2007

I think we've got the message.

Some sort of salesman for "Runecats Explorer" are you? - which, incidentally, I've never heard of.

  €dstowe 15:37 30 Jun 2007

The browser that you should use is the one you like the best. That's all there is to it.

  Totally-braindead 15:49 30 Jun 2007

Your experience of the browsers may well be valid and true but I use the one I prefer and am used to.
The answer to your question "what internet browser should you use???" has really been answered by €dstowe as far as I am concerned, its whichever one you like to use.

  rdave13 01:00 01 Jul 2007

Opera then.

  Arnie 10:16 01 Jul 2007

If you like trying out different browsers, this one is alleged to be fast. It is freeware.

Iffie Advanced Surfer 2.0

click here

  Arnie 10:18 01 Jul 2007

Meant hello666666

  hello666666 21:18 01 Jul 2007

firstly i am not a salesman for runecats explorer lol

secondly i posted this so people could see what browsers did what and which one they should use depending on which one they do i just carried out this data so people know!

thirly Advanced Surfer 2.0 os quite good!
i am sticking to runecats explorer because i prefer it but each to there own but i might keep Advanced Surfer 2.0 on my system thanks for the link!

  hello666666 21:21 01 Jul 2007

oh i would love these forums to have a edit button so if you make a mistake you can edit it instead of having to post again

btw if i was a salesman of runecats explorer i would post a link lol
the data was only to help people choose what is best for them no avertisment involed as each browser is good for something!

thank you and i hope this data helps on what is best for you!

  Totally-braindead 21:24 01 Jul 2007

You did post it in Consumerwatch my friend that may be why the assumption was you were involved in it and therefore it was advertising. Plus I've never heard of runecats explorer.

I'll stick to what I like but thanks for the input on what you think is best.

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