What I really want for Christmas ...

  Footloose1949 00:33 10 Dec 2012

Unfortunately, pigs will be flying before I'm lucky ... Computers have been sufficiently fast enough to enable OS manufacturers to produce an 'upgradable' OS into which can be 'hooked' plug-in wise enhancements, will run in 32 or 64-bit mode, configured so that when software or hardware is installed, the files the OS need, are kept in 'folders' outside the actual OS, and where things like printer drivers are concerned, they run as completely separate Apps outside the OS, and therefore, do not ever become out of date. Furthermore with an OS configured in this manner, would make life one hell of a lot less hassle when the OS fails or needs upgrading.

What has prompted this, is a Dye-sub printer which I own, for which at present a 64-bit driver isn't available. Quite why printer manufacturers can't fit a processor inside the printer itself, so all you need to do is feed into it the raw RGB or/and CYMK data, is beyond me. You could then just feed in the file via a USB port and the unit would also be a stand-alone product. I can however think of a very good reason why neither of these things have yet to appear, and that is that the OS and hardware makers would absolutely hate this idea with a vengeance. Since Adobe etc have been employing 'Plugins' successfully for at least a decade now, I really can't see any reason why an OS, hardwear or drivers cannot be implemented in a similar manner. What do other people think?

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  spuds 13:26 10 Dec 2012

"What I really want for Christmas..."

I remember saying that in the days of dial-up.

Look how things have changed since then, so perhaps one day shortly, you will have your wishes ;o).

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