What Graphics card do you think is best

  jul 18:15 03 Dec 2003

Just asking as at the moment i use nvidia cards and have never had any problems, but i am looking to upgrade from the 64mb to something bigger i would consider radeon but had heard they were not as good( heard not my opinion )so i need to find out what card is the best as that is the one i will go far regardless of price.
At the moment i understand pc world are doing a radeon card for 65 pounds for a 256mb sounds a bit cheap to be any good

  kinger 18:27 03 Dec 2003

May I ask what you are going to use the card for / reason for upgrading?

  jimnjo 22:08 03 Dec 2003

I have just purchased a new computer with a RADEON 9600 PRO and the graphics are really awsome.

I have used MAD ONION 3D MARK to test the card. Water, clouds, leaves blowing in the wind, human faces, all appear realistic.

Using the card on Microsoft Fltsim 2002, it is really up with the action, smooth graphics make game playing a pleasure.

Having said all that, if possible have a look at different setups on display in shops and you will see that, for the everyday user you cant spot a lot of difference with the majority of cards.

Dont get paranoid in choosing a card, its what goes with the card also helps. No point in having a great card with a crap motherboard or little RAM.


  DieSse 22:31 03 Dec 2003

Money no object - wow - why are you talking about £65 cards then?

Get an nvidia GFX5950 Ultra click here

from here click here for instance

  DieSse 22:36 03 Dec 2003

PS - only just over £291 inc VAT, and in stock.

Other GFX products on this page click here

  simonp1 00:58 04 Dec 2003

ATI are currently many gamers first option. They do out perform the nvidia on most cards.

Unless you play a real lot of online games then the 9600 pro is idea..tbo also for online games...

If you want to spend some money go for a 9800 pro £300...

  fitfella29 16:30 04 Dec 2003

get a 9800xt 256mb if money is no problem.

  suicidal maniak 19:49 04 Dec 2003

i just bought a laptop with one and i was wondering wether it was any good?? it sounded pretty good 4 a laptop

  [email protected] 19:55 04 Dec 2003

Remember that the "best" (most expensive) graphics cards will also be the ones which give least value for money or bang for your buck.

What is the rest of your system like?

  DieSse 21:15 04 Dec 2003

S(H)e didn't ask for the best value for money - but "what card is the best as that is the one i will go far regardless of price" (quote)

  [email protected] 21:56 04 Dec 2003

Good point but if I was in the market for a new card the "best" one would be the one that offered me the best bang for my buck.

Todays "best" graphics card is next months "mid range" graphics card and will be in the bargain bucket by the time you`ve paid it off on the credit card.

I wondered what the rest of his/her system was like because if it is running along with a 500mhz processor and 128mb ram then the guts of £400 on a graphics card is just a waste of cash.

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