What graphics card is best for my PC up to £100?

  nowlo0 22:14 04 Mar 2008


I have a Compaq Presario Desktop with dual-core VIIV E4500, 2.20Ghz, 3070Mb RAM, 32-bit Vista and currently with ATI Radeon HD 2400.

I am a bit disappointed with the gaming performance of the graphics card.

Up to about £100, can anyone suggest the best graphics card upgrade I could make?

Also, If I plug in the new card and leave the old one in also will this increase performance?

I'm a bit confused when I look on sites and find, for example, the ATI Radeon X1650 512MB PCI-E for £99, and then the Nvidia Geforce 8500GT 1GB PCI-E Graphics Card for £60 on the same site (Maplin). What should I be looking for - the memory , or the number (ie 8500/1650 etc)?

I'd really appreciate any help.


  Joe R 22:27 04 Mar 2008


you won't be able to leave the old one in, unless you set it up with another 2400 in crossfire. (assuming that is what you mean)

This card to my knowledge, is the fastest available in the sub £100 range, and would certainly severely outpace two 2400 cards in tandem.

One thing though, the card is heavy, and you will require a PSU with a six-pin PCI express power lead, (or a molex converter).

click here

  citadel 22:31 04 Mar 2008

hd3850. sell your old card to someone who is a non gamer. the cards you mention are not much good and would not give much improvement

  nowlo0 22:48 04 Mar 2008

To Joe R:

Thanks. If I was to buy the card you suggested, do you know how much the six-pin PCI express power lead would possibly cost (and would someone with a limited knowledge of fiddling inside computers be able to fit it), and what exactly is a molex converter?

To Citadel:

Thanks. The HD3850 is a little over my budget on the first site I looked at (£160 - is that about right?) Would I need another PSU as Joe R suggested with this card?

Cheers guys!

  nowlo0 22:50 04 Mar 2008

Sorry, Joe R, I mean how much would a PSU with the 6-pin PCI express power lead be.

  nowlo0 22:59 04 Mar 2008


Do you mean the HD3850 Ultimate (512Mb?) or the HD3850 256MB?

Thanks for the help.

  citadel 23:05 04 Mar 2008

you can get a hd3850 for £99 at scan.co.uk
2 x 2400 will not give twice the perfomance as 1, also crossfire and sli works better in some games more than others. for example need for speed is faster with one card.

  Stuartli 23:12 04 Mar 2008
  nowlo0 00:09 05 Mar 2008


One question: 2900 Pro or XT?

Hope you can help.



  GaT7 01:28 05 Mar 2008

What games are you presently playing?

As citadel says, the HD3850 is the best. You can get the 512Mb version for £102 delivered from Scan click here (to get free delivery click here). Not sure your PSU will be powerful enough though. And the CPU may bottleneck it a bit?

The 2900XT is about £150-200 I think. I addition, it needs quite a powerful PSU with couple of PCI-E connectors - your present PSU is unlikely to be close to adequate or have the necessary connectors. Probably worst of all it's only marginally better than a HD3850 click here. G

  nowlo0 11:19 05 Mar 2008

Last game I bought was S.T.A.L.K.E.R - and my current HD 2400 just isn't up to it. I like to play first-person shooters best and want to get COD 4.

Could you tell me what PSU will I need?

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