What is "Good Customer Service"?

  Simsy 11:51 10 Nov 2009

In the light of another thread where the merits, or otherwise, of "customer service" being reviewed are being discussed, I wonder how do folk actually assess "good service"?

My impression, garnered from loads of posts in the past where a company has been praised due to speed of delivery, is that this is the most important for a huge number of folk.

Is that the norm though?

My own opionion is based primary on the company's attitude and action when something goes wrong.

In a vague, not strick, order these are the most important things to me. What do others think?

"No quibble" returns process.
Reachable by telephone, or QUICK email response.
Callback/emails, as promised.
Non premium phone line.
Sensible stock.
Item pricing
Delivery time/cost



  harps1h 12:14 10 Nov 2009

speed of delivery is indeed important but after sales equally so.

Good CS click here

bad CS click here

  Pamy 14:53 10 Nov 2009

If you set up your elderly parents, brother,sister or any member of your family with a computer or any other product and they phoned or e-mailed you with a problem, what would you do to resolve the problem?
That's how I assess good service.

  Forum Editor 19:05 10 Nov 2009

the thing that most people consider to be the single most important aspect of customer service it would be...communication.

If a company's customer service staff are taught to establish and maintain friendly communication with unhappy customers the rest will get easier. People like to be treated as individuals, and have their problem addressed by someone who talks to them in a warm and positive manner. If you have to tell someone they're going to wait two weeks for a repair it will go that much better if you've built a mini-relationship beforehand. It's not rocket science, but lots of companies and individuals just don't seem to know how to do it.

  Simsy 19:10 10 Nov 2009

I have a little buzzword for when things go wrong at work; "BIC", "Breakdown in communication"

This is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS the reason why something has not gone as intended.



  spuds 23:25 10 Nov 2009

To me, good customer service is one that I can walk away from a problem, knowing full well that the company as tried its hardest to please its customer base.

All to often, once the sale as been completed, the number of companies that forget its customers seems to be on the increase. I read an article when the recession commenced, and that article clearly stated that some companies would suffer very hard when the recession started to cut deep. So far, I haven't noticed this.

  mr simon 00:05 11 Nov 2009

For me, good customer service is bending over backwards when a mistake has been made to rectify the situation and hopefully win the customer over.

Also, as the FE mentioned, communication is also important. There is nothing worse than purchasing an item online, especially if its an expensive one, and not getting a single email between placing the order and it turning up on the doorstep. A estimated arrival email is most important, I don't mind if the delivery isn't the fastest in the world but knowing which day it will come is important to me.

  morddwyd 08:31 11 Nov 2009

It might not be possible to actually define good, or bad, customer service, but you sure as hell know when you've had either.

  ened 07:04 14 Nov 2009

If you want to see an example of good Customer Service deal with Amazon - they seem to have it down to a 'T'. They are on top of every aspect of the customer experience.

For an example of poor customer service telephone an Indian Call Centre: "MR ******* I am absolutely going to resolve this issue for you now......" Half an hour of going round in circles later.....

They seem to be trained in 'Customer Service' but not in satisfying customers!

  v1asco 09:20 14 Nov 2009

For me its simple.

Finishing the issue happy in the knowledge that all that can reasonably be done to answer my query/sort my problem has been done, with smiles on both sides.

This is one of the reasons I am leaving 3 after a long time with them. I was definitely going round in circles. The last was being told I am getting a great upgrade deal after I asked for upgrade details. I asked if this included a loyalty discount and a straight answer was not forthcoming just isisted thta 'for you John 3 are doing a very good deal ......'. In the end I cut it short by pointing out the same deal is available to all on the web. He still waffled. I asked him point blank if 3 are giving loyalty discounts and finally he answered no. If only he had said that in the beginning I may have stayed. Still, I have 2 other contracts with them, so we shall see.

  BigRik 16:49 14 Nov 2009

I'm one of the many who feel that communication is vital to good customer service.

Like some has mentioned in another thread, I am also waiting for a new computer system which I ordered 5 weeks ago tomorrow. I emailed the company concerned 2 weeks ago, to ask if there were any problems, and was told delivery was expected last week. They did not say whether there were any problems.

Still no computer has arrived obviously, so I called yesterday and have been told that the machine has been built, but they are awaiting delivery of the graphics card, the HD5870, which seems to be in short supply at the moment.

The email was replied to next day, and the phone was answered after 2 rings, certainly can't fault either of those, but it would have looked far better for them if THEY could have notified ME of the problem.

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