the what ever happens at pc world?

  acca65 19:06 15 Apr 2013

can you advice me on how i can get through to PC world. i had the extra protection know how. i had an accident with my computer where i spilled a bucket of water over it. i sent it off for repair and they are now refusing to repair or replace it. they suspended my know how account but continued to take the money for the policy from my account. i have sent two letters to know how, but they are stating that the damage was caused with intent, which it was not. advise would be appreciated.

  onthelimit1 19:19 15 Apr 2013

First thing is to check the policy and see what is covered. If accidental damage is included, without expressly excluding the sort of damage you have suffered, then they have no reason to refuse. You are not alone in having problems with this company!

  alanrwood 20:43 15 Apr 2013

To be as impartial as I can I must say that I have some sympathy with PC World's attitude. Having been a supplier to Dixons/Ciurrys and Argos for many years you would be surprised at some of the dishonest trick that members of the general public get up to in order to defraud. I sincerely don't know how to resolve trhis one as it would seem impossible to prove whether the damaghe was intentional or accidental. Most warranties cover defects in manufacture and not occurances of this type but you do need to do as advised and check the policy wording very carefully to see if accidental damage is covered. If not then I don't see you getting very far but if it is included then it would certainly be worth pushing this further up the line.

  lotvic 22:22 15 Apr 2013

I also have to have some sympathy with PC World's attitude. I could understand knocking a glass of water over but find it hard to imagine the circumstances where a bucket of water could be spilled over it.

  acca65 07:20 16 Apr 2013

I have been with now how for years, the laptop is as new, i was very happy with the laptop! It was just an accident. The whateverhappens policy won't cover floods or anything to do with bad weather? BUT WHY CALL THE POLICY WHAT EVER HAPPENS? WHEN THEY WONT REPAIR? Also why suspend my account but carry on taking the money for cover? If they don't fix it? Can i ask for a full refund of all monies ive payed? Also would it be worth me taking them to court? Many thanks for your help.

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:38 16 Apr 2013

If nothing else works you can always just stop the direct debit to PCWorld.

  onthelimit1 08:49 16 Apr 2013

If the policy doesn't cover the situation you describe, I can't see there is anything you can do; all insurance policies have exclusion clauses. Read the small print carefully and see!

  onthelimit1 08:53 16 Apr 2013

Extract from their small print:

'The cost of repairing or replacing a product which fails because anyone neglects, abuses or misuses the product'

I can certainly see them arguing that your case fits this.

  Nontek 10:08 16 Apr 2013

I am trying to imagine how any one can spill a Bucket of water over a laptop?

A Glass of liquid yes, but a Bucket full!!

Can you explain how this happened - after all that is what PCW would want to know.

I have just re-read through the thread, I notice lotvic has the same thoughts as myself.

  spuds 12:06 16 Apr 2013

I was witnessed a student type, using a laptop while he was leaning on a canal bridge. The laptop ended up in the drink, and its possible the laptop is still at the bottom of the canal now. I wonder what insurance cover was on that laptop, if any, and how any claim was made there?.


I haven't checked, but is that clause an acceptance or rejection for accidental damage (will do or will not do). I seem to recall one insurance company was advertising on television, and apparently someone had an accident with a large tin of paint, and the policy apparently covered this?.

  acca65 18:48 16 Apr 2013

JUST in a rush, mopping the living room, laptop on the floor hit the rug with the bucket, over the laptop it went, But it is a genuine accident, laptop was only a few months old, if they don't fix it? any ideas who could fix it?? and what the cost would roughly be? or do i just buy another??

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