What does 'In stock now' imply?

  ddd3 17:44 06 Feb 2004

My monitor gave up the ghost, so I sorted out 4 monitors that I was interested in, and eventually settled on one which was available for a good price from Savastore and which was advertised as '12 in stock now'. I got an auto acknowledgement.

The following day I still had no confirmation of shipping, they only had 6 left, and the order tracker wasn't working. Today they are down to 5, but the order tracker is working and it says that my order hasn't been picked up yet.

Meanwhile I'm stuck with no monitor.

Shouldn't 'Available now' indicate immediate delivery? I could have gone to an 'available in 2-3 days' company and waited this long without getting annoyed about it...

  Stuartli 17:52 06 Feb 2004

It means that when the last check was made - which may have been a day, two days or even a week earlier in some cases.

In between many or all items may have been sold; the only clue that it is/maybe done in real time is if a figure goes down by one after you have had an order accepted (the chances of someone ordering at the same time as you are pretty remote).

  Forum Editor 17:53 06 Feb 2004

is retrieved from a database which will either be updated as orders are picked and scanned by a barcode scanner, or by the ordering process itself.

"Immediate delivery" is a relative term, and each order has obviously to be processed. That often means that nothing will be picked for despatch until/unless a payment authorisation code has been received from your card provider.

Have you contacted Savastore by phone?

  oresome 18:23 06 Feb 2004

If you're waiting this long when the product's in stock, think of the delay with the 2-3 day companies. They'll be working days for a start and the company will finish early on a Friday, so you can't count that. They will then blame the delay on their supplier, the courier, your credit card company, the manufacturer, the weather etc. Best to have low expectations and be pleasantly surprised now and again. Sorry to be cynical but I have had a few bad experiences of my own recently.

  DieSse 21:51 06 Feb 2004

If you're really that desperate - you should have gone to a store and bought one - that's the only way to guarantee instant delivery.

  jerichobob 23:29 06 Feb 2004

You been to PC World recently?


  ddd3 00:08 07 Feb 2004

DieSse. I went around what stores we have in this area, only one of them had any CRT monitors.

Jerichobob. Ironically, that store was PCWorld, but they only had 17", all identical, all boxed, none priced.

I might have to start a campaign to get Richer Sounds to start selling 'Computer separates'...

  Widows Son 19:30 08 Feb 2004

You've obviously got access to another PC somewhere - So why don't you use that one and tell them to shove it as a matter of principle. Then order from someone who values the buying public.

It may not improve their service but it'll make you feel better especially if u use language the FE wouldn't approve off.

If its in stock you really should not have to wait more than 4 or 5 days max. Any longer and you have to question how good the company is, and wonder what they will be like if the monitor plays up.

  ddd3 00:21 09 Feb 2004

Yeah, fortunately I have family and friends. I've emailed Savastore and they've written back to say that they've told the warehouse to get it dispatched, so I'm giving them until Monday.

  Forum Editor 01:12 09 Feb 2004

is about the worst advice you could possibly follow. There's never an excuse for bad language when complaining to a supplier - if you have to rely on bad language to make yourself feel better there's something badly wrong somewhere.

You've said you're going to wait until Monday, so let's see what happens then.

  Widows Son 12:29 09 Feb 2004

Told you he wouldn

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