What do you think about this for a deal?

  Thatslife 14:38 30 Dec 2004

AMD 3400XP 64 BIT Processor Type
AMD 3400XP 64 BIT Processor
2GHz Clock-speed
800Mhz Front Side BUS
1024Kb Cache
200Gb Serial ATA Hard Disk (7200 rpm)
Multi-Format Dual Layer DVD-RW + DVD ROM
Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics

PC world £479

Can anyone tell me what 'Cache' is and why it's important? And while I'm at it, what's a 'Front side bus'???

Help much appreciated!

  Jackcoms 14:46 30 Dec 2004

Front side bus is where you get on the bus (not at the back).

Cache is what you'll need for your bus fare. ;-)

  Thatslife 14:49 30 Dec 2004


  Jackcoms 14:50 30 Dec 2004

Alternatively, try this click here

Or do a Google search, which is what I did.

  Maverick81 14:59 30 Dec 2004

Athlon 64's dont have a front side bus, the memory controller is located on the processor which means there is no north bridge (which means there is no FSB) AMD 64 have a system bus which effectively runs at 800mhz.

Cache is where the most frequently used instructions are kept for fast execution by the Processor.

Have a look at the link below for more information

click here

Check out click here they usually have good deals with AMD 64 systems...im sure they will be able to match it or beat it..

Check evesham and mesh also



  TomJerry 15:02 30 Dec 2004

cache, a buffer zone between CPU and RAM, basically it is very faster tem memroy which store frequently used CPU instruction so CPU can get instruction quickly, normally the bigger the better

FSB: a computer has a clock which provdes a base frequeny signal for motherboard, other component need to do something to get correct frequency, e.g. CPU need multiplier to get higher frequency, some slow components need divider to get low frequency, ideally, FSB determine speed of communication between different components, but in real application, it does not matter much

  Maverick81 15:13 30 Dec 2004

The system pcworld are doing click here

Is a pretty poor spec really....intergrated graphics and no AGP is pretty poor really

It might be worth looking for a system with a slower processor and a AGP socket to even the specification up a little



  Rayuk 15:13 30 Dec 2004

Whats that bit Integrated Intel Extreme graphics bit about?
Never heard of that on an AMD board one to check I would think

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:03 30 Dec 2004

I believe I am right to say that there will NOT be Intel Extreme integrated graphics on a motherboard designed for use with any AMD cpu. I think we are being mislead by PcWorld.

  Thatslife 18:30 30 Dec 2004

Rayuk - Mr Mistoffelees

Just been on to PC World - They agree, whoever put that spec down wants shooting.

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