what do you think??????

  drdeath 17:11 03 Jan 2004

wonder what you all think of these "websites for sale" templates that you see advertised on e bay etc,whereas you buy a template dating/recruitment website already designed then you take it over and generate the business,comments would be grateful

  Jester2K 17:53 03 Jan 2004

Ignore them.

As far as i can see you are buying the front end to someone elses business. 1 there is one business and hundreds of people all providing the front end for it through this service. You'll do all the effort, the guy(s) who own the business will get loads and you'll get a very small share....

Imagine if there was one dry cleaner in your entire county. To save the owner the advertising costs and trouble he recruits 100 people to advertise his service in their towns. Each of those 100 people would get a small % of the income the owner would get - they can charge what they like on top of the owner base rate and that their cut. As the number of recruits goes up so the more the owner makes but the more competition the recruits have so you have to lower your prices....

The amount of work involved to make it a success would be enormous and almost certainly wouldn't pay off....

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