What to do with a spare PC

  Teen PC geek 13:55 22 Feb 2004

Hi, i have a spare PC lying around the house and i have no idea of what i should do with it!

I don't want to give it away and i already have a network server AND webserver!

I was thinking about Media Centers, Linux ect
What do you think i should do with it?

I have heard about lots of different programs i could put on it to improve my internet connection, things which cache sites ect...

  John-259217 14:30 22 Feb 2004

If you`ve not tried it before you`ll find it can do many of the things your already doing and more besides (webserver,file/printserver,proxy/cache/firewall, MySQL server etc).

It lets you play with its inner workings much more than MS software if you want to although I admit it takes more effort and understanding sometimes.

Look in the newsagents for a magazine containing the distros there`s usually one or two to be had.

Your best bet would be Mandrake, Suse or Fedora(formally Red Hat).

The latest versions of these will install quite well on most hardware and come with lots of included software to try.

You might also find demo versions that run entirely from the CD.


  Jester2K 21:58 22 Feb 2004

Why not run the United Devices program on it? click here

Also use it to backup data or an image from your main PC (just in case!)

In the event that my second PC ever gets funding approval ;-) I plan to use my current PC to set up a network (simply because i haven't done one yet) but also to use as a test bed (ie to test software before it goes on the main PC).

  gudgulf 22:13 22 Feb 2004

Linux---What a good idea! Having an old(ish) low spec pc lying around myself and wondering what to do with it other than use it as repository for any programmes that are old and dont like xp.

Looks like Ive got myself a new project-----Only one teensy weensy problem.This does not need funding aproval,but "I hope you dont think your having a pc in every room in the house!!!!" approval.lol

Teen PC geek,you could also go down the road of exreme case modding--build it into your bedhead for example, for those days when you simply cant be bothered to get up :o)))

  Teen PC geek 23:04 22 Feb 2004

I have an idea!!!

I should first of all mod it into something insain!
Then Put Linux on it
Then do a dual-boot with windows

I can play with linux and learn, also i can test programs before i install them on my main machine!

Anyone got any other ideas?
Is there a program which will automatically backup my pc accross the network to the spare one?

  Forum Editor 23:51 22 Feb 2004

your "don't want to give it away" decision?

There's a desperate need for unwanted computers in the third world, and speaking as someone who has seen the situation at first hand I can testify to the sperb work being done by charitable organisations who take computers to schools and other educational institutions in Africa.

It's difficult to express how important it is for developing nations to establish a basic level of computer literacy in their children - it's the way they'll move their countries forward.

click here and see what can be done.

Just a thought.

  Teen PC geek 00:00 23 Feb 2004

Ok, ill take a look at it!

Im only 14...Its hard to take games and computers away fom children and yound teenagers! lol

I may consider it...

  Forum Editor 00:28 23 Feb 2004

I intended no pressure - it's your computer to with as you please.

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