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  evavou 11:50 12 Dec 2007

Hi folks

I currently have a Dell Dimension that's probably around 3 years old now. I'm faced with a dilemma. Here's the situation...

The PC is starting to slow down, I've defragged the hard drive, etc. but doesn't seem to have helped. I have quite a few apps on it (mainly music based) + a lot of music and photos. I'm only using about half the available memory.

Should I:

a. buy an external hard drive - move off all music and photos which in turn should speed things up
b. upgrade the existing machine (I don't need a new monitor, etc.)
c. buy a new machine

if b. - what's the best way to do this? are Dell's easy to tweak?

if c. - any recommendations on what I should be looking for these days? and finally base unit ot laptop???

thanks all

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:22 12 Dec 2007

a) A good idea but they will not slow a computer up, it is usually applications that do that.
b) stick in as much RAM as it can take. RAM is cheap at the moment and 2Bgs would be good..
c) no need. You can scan for spyware/viruses etc but I would save all the documents etc. and reformat the computer. This will give you a brand new computer and with the extra RAM, it should fly.


  Kemistri 17:21 12 Dec 2007

At least try a modern spec before spending a substantial amount of hard-earned - you might find that the difference is too small or that your workflow won't make use of its extra headroom, which would be a waste. Modern specs have a lot of performance headroom to cope with heavy uses like games and video-editing.

Reformat and start afresh, per the above suggestion - my experience of that has always been positive and it's free apart from your time. Then clean out the case and fans so that the internals run smoothly, quietly, and as cool as they did when new.

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