What DAB Radio Will Work In Spalding,Lincolnshire?

  Big L 266 10:59 04 Dec 2009


I would like to purchase a small but powerful portable handheld battery operated only DAB radio for use around my bungalow here in Spalding, Lincolnshire. Radio reception either on DAB and FM isn't great here as I believe the feed comes from Grantham some 35 miles from here. I am surrounded by houses,two churches and two large business premises all of which are higher than my little bungalow!

My 5 year old Intempo only works on the kitchen windowsill and is at best 5 bars max on any DAB station that it picks up. It doesn't pick up FM at all in that position. It doesn't work at all in my bedroom either in DAB or FM but my old Sony ICF-S22 small handheld portable works on some FM stations.

Can I please ask you for any recommendations - but not the Pure branded products please - that you feel will work in my bungalow? Any help, links, advice and suggestions would be welcomed.

Thank you very much.

  OTT_Buzzard 11:19 04 Dec 2009

I'm in Cowbit and have the same problems with digital reception (and mobile phones as well, not that that is a bad thing!).

I don't know the answer to your question, at the moment i'm using a feed from the satellite dish, but that isn't practicle for a 'portable' solution.

Will be interested to see what other peoples suggestions are.


  Woolwell 12:57 04 Dec 2009

I wonder if the answer to this is to get a portable wireless set that can pick up internet radio?

I don't think that you're going to improve on your Intempo if the reception is poor.

  Big L 266 13:00 04 Dec 2009

Hello there.

The new communal aerial/satellite system installed on behalf of the SHDC works very well for Freeview TV/radio barring some hiccups on C4 now and again. Don't know about the satellite bit though because I don't use it.

Oddly enough,my mobile phone works better than a landline with a clarity of signal which people envy and my internet speed is 6.5 to 7.1 kbps.I guess living nearly on top of the BT place in Station Street helps!(That BT building would have to win the ugliest and dirtiest anywhere in Spalding!).

I'm hopeful that the more knowledgable amongst the readers living in the area may offer up a satisfactory solution. At the moment there has been an incident outside Station Gates pub and no traffic is allowed into Station Street, Sheep Market or The Crescent. Its backed up everywhere.

All the best.

Big L 266

  Big L 266 13:12 04 Dec 2009

Hello there.

I've looked into that possibility but it means having the computer on to do it. My little old Sony suffices as it can be turned on and off from the bedside cabinet without me having to get out of bed.

The problem with my disabilities is that I find it difficult to get into a decent position to sleep. When I do, I don't want to have to move from it and thus disturb the position I have found to sleep for an hour or two.

In normal circumstances I agree internet radio used in conjunction with my cordless FM headset would be ideal. It is great during the day when I can listen to music anywhere in the bungalow via the headset transmitter and computer. At night its a whole lot different for me where these rules don't apply.

I'm sure I will eventually find a solution even if it means buying an expensive Sony portable shortwave radio with built-in DAB should one exist of course. (My last Sony portable shortwave just simply 'burned out' when its power-converter wwnt wrong and smoke came out of it fusing and ruining the set.)

We'll get there in the end Woolwell!

Big L 266

  Woolwell 13:42 04 Dec 2009

I don't think that you need your computer on just the wireless router click here

  Big L 266 14:20 04 Dec 2009

Hello Woolwell.

I've just quickly been reading your link. Thats truly fascinating enough to think of it as an interesting and very viable option. I'm going to give this serious thought especially the wi-fi element which would solve my radio problems at a stroke!

Thank you very much for the link - its truly an eye-opener!

Now I'll have to think about how it relates to my computer, router and everything else.

Big L 266

  tims31 14:34 04 Dec 2009

Hi Big L 266,

I live off of West Elloe Avenue in Splading and have real problems with the DAB reception...some days it's fine and others nothing at all.

As woolwell suggests, a WiFi internet radio would be your best solution and so long as you have a wireless router there is no need to keep your computer on it just uses the wireless signal from the router.

Have a look here click here

  tims31 14:36 04 Dec 2009

oops, sorry added the same link as Woolwell :)

  tims31 14:38 04 Dec 2009

Have a look here...this is the one I meant click here

  wee eddie 14:51 04 Dec 2009

It's expensive and not particularly good. The signal is very unreliable, when moving around the house, and they eat batteries.

Particularly if you start comparing what analogue Radios you can get for the same price.

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