What a Copout

  osben 13:57 17 Aug 2004

What is it that precludes a computer from being supported by the manufacturer just because the operating system has been upgraded from ME (which was notoriously unstable anyway) to XP which is noted to be a better operating system.

It must be acknowledged that at some point of time an operating system is going to be upgraded on a computer. As to at some stage will drivers need to be updated etc. That’s progress. Will this particular manufacturer, I wonder, wash their hand of all their support when people upgrade XP with the latest SP2 update??

Why should a manufacturer be allowed to hide behind this fact to enable them to cease their responsibilities to the customer. Support no doubt was built into the cost of the purchase in the first place.

I loaded a programme that told me that in order to work properly, I should update my video driver. I contacted the “”Computer manufacturer”” in question for advise on the situation only to be told that they could not help because I had moved over to XP which was not what was supplied with the original order. I consider that to be a totally pathetic response.

Perhaps I am missing the point but in my view this is A Total Copout by the manufacturer and something that anyone buying a new system should be aware of.

By the way the manufacturer was you guessed it! Evesham.

  bfoc 14:48 17 Aug 2004

May be caused by the difference between hardware and software support.

Most computer maufacturers will have different rules for supporting software and hardware.

I believe that Evesham will offer support for the software originally supplied with a machine, but not for anythng else which is added later. They would probably argue that the support for the new software should come from whoever sold that new piece of software.

Of course for many users, especially when it comes to operating systems, this seems a strange distinction.

I can see the manufacturers point, if one installs something bought elsewhere why should they bear the cost of supporting that item? At the same time upgrading is a fact of life for many computer users and like osben they may well feel they should have support from someone who has taken a large amount of money from them.

The truth is that is hard to argue that a manufacturer has even a moral responsibility, much less a legal one, to support software they haven't supplied and, whilst a more flexible approach would be appreciated by many people, if as a result people with undeniable entitlement to support couldn't get through there would be many complaints

  osben 14:55 17 Aug 2004

I would like to agree with you in some respects but the fact remains that the Driver update in question is for a Nvidia card suplied by Evesham originally. That is what I wanted the support question answered for.

Thanks for your reply by the way


  plsndrs3 15:00 17 Aug 2004

Have you looked here:

click here



  osben 15:17 17 Aug 2004

Yes I have and following the steps suggested it would appear that the latest driver version is 61.77

I have a NVidia Gforce 2MX400 with driver version 52.16 and all I asked Evesham to do was to let me know if it was safe to install the new version


  dth 15:46 17 Aug 2004

The answer is of course yes - although it is best to delete the existing driver first before installing the up-todate one. To be honest you'd have thought that it would have been easier for Evesham to have told you that rather than the blanket 'no comment'.

But as bfoc has set out - on the other hand you cannot expect supplier 1 to assist with items bought from supplier 2.

  Stuartli 15:50 17 Aug 2004

Evesham is perfectly within its rights because, as has been pointed out, the product it sold you has had a substantial specification change.

I would also guess that you have had the system for some considerable time if it was supplied with ME - XP was launched three years ago.

  zootmo 16:29 17 Aug 2004

If I understand you correctly this is a driver issue is it not? Drivers are easily upgraded by visiting the manufacturers site,this is something that you would have to do over the course of time anyway. If you change the OS then you will need to have updated and compatable drivers anyway.

I can't see really where your problem is.

  osben 16:38 17 Aug 2004

I am not so sure that the answer is yes. When I go to install the new driver version I get a message that the Nvidia driver software has not passed the windows logo testing to verify its compatibility with XP and may destabilise the system.

We have had the system for about 26 months and if it is a matter of the product having a "substantial specification change" then what is going to happen when all their customers update XP with the SP2 update. That is a substantial spec change isn't it. Are they going to wash there hands of everyone then?

As I said, we have still got the same graphics card as supplied with the original Evesham system and is was a question to them relating to the Graphics Card.

Nvidia do not supply direct support but suggest that we go back to my supplier which is Evesham. No win situation isn't it.

Incidentally, we asked the same question of another manufacturer, whose computers we have, under the same circumstances and they provide an answer

Thanks for your input

  bremner 17:49 17 Aug 2004

If you have bought an upgrade copy of XP them Microsoft will provide a level of support for that copy of XP.

The Windows logo test message is nothing to worry about as that always nearly always happens with updated drivers. If you do have a problem with a driver you can always role back to the previous one.

  Stuartli 09:29 18 Aug 2004

So you've had the system for more than two years...:-)

Also, as Bremnar points out, the Windows logo testing message is nothing to worry about.

I have several drivers on my XP Pro system which "may destabilise" it, but it's still working 100 per cent....

It takes time for drivers to go through the testing routine and, by then, a new one has aLmost certainly come out.

nVidia, if you notice, updates its drivers (whilst they still remain backward compatible) on a consistent and regular basis.

Quite a few drivers on the WindowsUpdate website are older than the ones you may already have.

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