What causes my power surge and could this be the reason my tivo box is dead?

  Mary_S 22:45 02 Sep 2014

Hi all,

In the last week we have noticed a power surge and now my Virgin Tivo box is dead.

My Tivo box which is in my bedroom would lose power for a split second when 1) someone would switch the light on in the downstairs bedroom or 2) Switch the mains on in the hallway outside of my bedroom.

Now my Tivo box is dead. However, what interests me is that the box did not become dead during one of the surges. I disconnected the box from the mains and when i reconnected there is no power in my tivo box.

1) Are the surges responsible for my TIvo box being dead? If the box became dead during one the surges I would think 100% that is so but in this case I'm not sure.

2) I will call an electrician to test these surges. What could cause these power surges as I have described above. What will an electrician do to test and fix these surges?

  Mary_S 22:58 02 Sep 2014

Just to add ...

My box was connected to an adapter which is surge protected. I also tested on a second adapter which is also surge protected but still found there to be a spike.

Could it be my Tivo box was faulty which is why it was more sensitive to the spikes?

Many thanks

  BT 07:53 03 Sep 2014

First thing to do is call Virgin and get someone round to check your box.

  BRYNIT 08:06 03 Sep 2014

The electric to the lights is usually on a separate fuse in the main fuse box unless your wiring and fuse box is very old. The problem with the wiring need looking at but I doubt it would have affected the Tovo box as you seem to be loosing power.

It's more likely that the Tivo box had a fault and just failed, just contact Virgin media for an engineer to look at. Don't confuse things by telling Virgin media or the VM engineer you have an electrical fault.

  alanrwood 10:43 03 Sep 2014

If you experienced a power surge with an over-voltage coming down the power line then you need to investigate this with your electricity supplier. If this was the case then nit could have caused your problem. Unfortunately from your description it is not really possible to give a definitive answer as there is no mention of how you knew there was a power surge rather than a power cut.

I would certainly try and get another Tivo box without mentioning the power surge but I would also take steps to check out your supply and wiring to prevent a possible repeat.

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