What can I upgrade?, need to spend some money

  Murray 19:39 25 Aug 2003

I know it seems a stupid question but a friend of mine asked me to recommend what he should upgrade on his PC. He already has most of the bits I thought of.

At the moment it is:

Pentium 4 2GHz.
256 DDR RAM (a little low, I think).
60GB Hard Disk.
Fancy case with easy to remove sides, etc.
15" Relysis TFT Screen (maybe a 19" CRT as dual screen).
Geforce 4 Ti 4200.
Wireless Optical Mouse & Keyboard
Decent 5.1 sound card, with speakers

Any thoughts?

  Rayuk 19:47 25 Aug 2003

More Ram ,but you dont say what his main use of pc is.

  Murray 19:50 25 Aug 2003

Especially as he uses Windows XP and latest games

(I knew I would forget s'th off the list)

  mikef. 20:11 25 Aug 2003

As Rayuk says more RAM it's probably the cheapest and most effective upgrade, especially as you say he is a gamer click here for the best place for RAM

  Beb? 20:21 25 Aug 2003

If he's got lots of spare cash he should get the ram and a new graphics card (top of the range GeForce FX 5900 ultra). If he still has some spare cash and doesn't know what to do with it, how about giving me some.... or possibly not!

  zoomer 20:27 25 Aug 2003

if he mainly plays games then surely a quality CRT (17in minimum) monitor would be better than the tft

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:54 25 Aug 2003

If I was a gamer, the minimum screen size would be 19", anything smaller is for whimps ;-)) I would go for a CRT but this is a matter of debate. Apart from that, the graphics card would be my next choice and firing in 1Gb of RAM, if the mobo will allow it.


  pdxxtqhf 21:34 25 Aug 2003

How much money? If a little go for more ram.
If there is a lot ram,video card and a 19in tft with a response time of 25ms or lower.

  Murray 23:52 25 Aug 2003

Will let him know, but I think RAM then 19" CRT then Graphics if the budget allows

  Blitzer 23:54 25 Aug 2003

1. More memory.

and assuming he does not have these already...

2. A second HD - For backup and extra storage.

3. Norton Ghost or Drive Image. To use as a quick and simple means of backing up his system and restoring it should it be necessary. An effective backup and restoration system is always something that is over-looked and forgotten. :)

  Gaz 25 05:07 26 Aug 2003

More memory is your best bet, and then a HDD, you could even go for a better graphics card, but the current one will do.

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